Should A Trench Coat Be Buttoned? [And How To Style One Without Looking Creepy]

How to style a trench coat is a question many people ask. You are probably wondering whether or not a trench coat should be buttoned and how to style one without seeming creepy. Don't worry. We have researched all about this for you.

In most cases, a trench coat should be buttoned. Doing so keeps out the wind and rain and provides a sleeker look as well. It is also in style to leave your trench coat open with a cute outfit to display underneath.

Continue reading to learn more about which buttons you should button on a trench coat, how to button a double-breasted trench coat, whether or not they are still in style, and more.

A beautiful blonde woman wearing an off white trench coat while talking on the phone, Should A Trench Coat Be Buttoned? [And How To Style One Without Looking Creepy]

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How to Properly Button and Style a Trench Coat

Trench coats were originally designed for soldiers as a top layer. They are worn to protect you from weather conditions such as rain or wind, not necessarily to keep you warm. If you want to be able to button your trench coat, you can still wear layers underneath but not several thick layers.

Whether or not you button the buttons on your trench coat is totally up to you. Some people like for their clothes to fit more tightly than others. A traditional trench coat has a belt around the waist. It is meant to be tied for the purpose of accentuating your waistline.

Trench coats are known to be worn during the spring and fall. This is because they are not thick or heavy. They do block out wind and light rain though. Some trench coats are waterproof so you can just check the tag or product description to find out.

What Buttons Do You Button on a Trench Coat?

You can button none or all of the buttons depending on how you like your trench coat to fit. There is a rule of thumb called the "sometimes, always, never" rule. What this means is the top button should be buttoned sometimes, depending on your preference. The "always" is referring to the middle button or buttons meaning you should always button those. The "never" is in reference to not buttoning the bottom button.

Which Button is Unbuttoned?

Usually, the bottom button is left unbuttoned. Today, the reason to leave the bottom button is different than where it originated from. It was more practical to leave the bottom button unbuttoned because the men who wore them rode horses. Leaving the bottom button on your trench coat unbuttoned allows for more freedom of movement.

A lot of people do button the bottom buttons. It totally depends on what you prefer. Some people view it as more stylish to button all of the buttons. Doing so along with tying the belt shows off your figure more.

How Do You Button a Double-Breasted Trench Coat?

Double-breasted trench coats typically have ten buttons. This can either be five buttons on each side of the coat or all ten buttons on the half of the coat that are displayed in the front. You can button the middle buttons only if that is the look that you are going for.

It is not suggested that you leave a double-breasted trench coat completely unbuttoned unless that is just your style. You can get away with letting the very bottom button stay unbuttoned.

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Are Trench Coats in Style in 2022?

A trench coat hanged on the cabinet

Yes, trench coats are still very much in style in 2022. There are many styles, colors, and cuts available to be spotted in the fashion industry. Nude or neutral colors are the most common.

One of the best features of a trench coat is that it can be worn casually or with dressier clothes. Trench coats tend to pair well with a suit. For example, a navy blue suit under a beige trench coat is a great look.

They are okay to wear during the winter if you live somewhere with mild weather or a warmer climate. The way you style your trench coat might change based on whether you are wearing it to work or on the weekend. On a workday you might wear high heels but on the weekend you might choose strappy sandals. The possibilities are endless.

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How to Style a Trench Coat

Trench coats go with a lot more than you would think. They match well with a floral dress or skirt that is longer than the bottom of your coat. It doesn't have to be longer than your dress or skirt though.

A beautiful woman wearing an orange trench coat

Another way you can style a trench coat is with nice shoes such as flats or high heels to dress it up. This will help it look stylish instead of creepy. Make sure you tie the belt on your trench coat in order to showcase your waist. You can display your shirt and high-waisted jeans if you want to.

If you are taller than the average person you can get away with wearing a longer coat. On the other hand, if you are shorter than average, you should stick to trench coats that do not extend beyond your knees. The bottom ending at your thighs will prevent the trench coat from making you appear shorter than you already are.

If you want to style your trench coat by keeping it open instead of buttoned you can tie the waist strap behind your back. This helps keep it from being bothersome just hanging there. Tying the strap behind your back allows air to flow through more easily. Doing so also keeps your coat in place better until you are ready to button it again.

More Ways to Style Your Trench Coat

A beautiful woman wearing a brown trench coat while walking around the park

As for styling a trench coat with jeans, straight leg or skinny jeans are preferred. This is because the slimmer jeans balance out the flow and shape of a trench coat.

Last but not least, you can style your trench coat by adding accessories to match it. For instance, you can sport a wristlet wallet or a small cross-body purse. You can add a scarf for a pop of color to dress it up a bit.

If you want to, you can pull off adding a pair of sunglasses or a hat that you love. There are even bold colors like red and prints like leopard print, available if you would rather not stick to the traditional grey or beige.

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Do trench coats keep you warm?

Although trench coats are not usually designed for the purpose of keeping one warm, you can find trench coats with lining sewn into them. The warmest materials when it comes to trench coats are leather and wool. Leather coats are easier to clean and wipe down than a wool trench coat though.

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How do you wear a trench coat without looking creepy?

Trench coats are quite popular and are not usually viewed as creepy unless they extend beyond the knee. One of the things people who think of trench coats as creepy often associate them with to people who are naked underneath and flash people. You probably should not wear a trench coat with shorts for this reason.

Because people have worn trench coats and chosen to do terrible things they are associated with bad people sometimes. It is best to avoid long black trench coats for this reason if you do not want to look creepy. Stick with camel, beige, nude, or a fun color.

Women do not have to worry about looking creepy as much as men typically do when it comes to trench coats. The taller you are, the longer trench coat you can get away with wearing regardless.


A beautiful blonde woman wearing an off white trench coat while talking on the phone

If you go by how people most commonly button their trench coat, you should button the top one if it is windy or you're wearing one in inclement weather. The middle button or buttons should almost always be buttoned.

That is, unless you just personally like how trench coats look left open. Leaving your trench coat open is much more popular now than it used to be so if the weather allows for it, the final decision is yours.

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