20 Types Of Anklets You Should Know

Imagine yourself dressed for summer. In the warmer months, we naturally show a bit more skin. In your vision, are you wearing cool, comfortable styles with bare legs? Imagine completing your outfit by adding a sparkling anklet. Summer styles are the perfect opportunity to showcase this style of jewelry.

Ankle bracelets or anklets provide a versatile accessory option. An anklet can be worn with both casual and dressy styles. The unexpected pop of color or glint of metal can be just the detail your outfit needs to shine. Dresses, skirts, or pants are all clothing choices that the addition of an anklet can elevate. Let's explore the types of anklets available to choose from as we highlight 20 gorgeous examples --one for every style!

A feet of a young girl and anklet ankle, 20 Types Of Anklets You Should Know

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1. Gold

Gold anklets are the standard in luxury. Wearing a gold anklet adds a classy formal flair to your outfit. A gold anklet can be as simple as a thin chain or draw more attention with an intricate design. Simple gold anklets match anything and can become a staple jewelry piece in your collection. This dainty gold anklet will give an understated elegance and match any outfit.

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2. Silver

Silver anklets are another classic style that can be worn with multiple styles. While not quite as formal as a gold anklet might be, a silver anklet can become an everyday jewelry piece. Silver has the benefit of matching anything and is easy to blend into your everyday style.

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3. Beaded

Beaded anklets are the perfect, fun casual accessory. Pair this anklet with shorts and sandals for summertime with a boho look. Bead sizes can vary from tiny seed beads to larger chunky styles. Beaded anklets can be stacked together or mixed with a simple gold or silver anklet for a unique style.

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4. Leather

Leather anklets are a casual style that pairs well with shorts, skirts, or jeans. The classic look of leather is always in fashion. Leather anklets often sport a closure that makes them easy to adjust for the perfect fit. Denim and leather are always a classic style but pairing a leather anklet with a floral dress or skirt adds a touch of interest while remaining feminine.

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5. Charm

Charm anklets add a touch of whimsy to any outfit and are highly collectible items of jewelry. A charm anklet may be simple with just a single charm or carry additional bling with multiple charms. Charms are a way to show your personality and create conversation in the choice of charms.

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6. Wrap

Wrap anklets are a popular, casual boho look. They are generally constructed of a combination of leather and beads. Wrap anklets are adjustable and can be a great choice for those with difficulty finding a size that fits well.

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7. Bangles

A bangle anklet is a continuous piece of metal. Look for a style that can be pinched around the ankle to customize the fit of the piece. Bangles range from slim and smooth to more chunky textured pieces.

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8. Friendship

Friendship anklets are a creative tradition. These anklets are tied on and are meant to remain in place as a symbol of friendship. Generally created from colorful threads, a friendship ankle will add a pop of color. If you are crafty, friendship bracelets are easy to make at home and add to the tradition of being given as a gift to a friend.

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9. Toe ring anklet

Toe ring anklets are a unique style. You'll often see these worn at the beach or poolside in place of sandals. The anklet has a loop or ring that attaches around one toe and hooks a chain between the toe and the anklet loop. You may see these worn singly or as a pair. These anklets can be made with metals, beaded on a stretchy thread, or even crocheted.

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10. Gemstone

Gemstone jewelry is a classic choice. You may want to pick your birthstone to accent your anklet or choose any other gemstone that matches your style. Your anklet can showcase a single gemstone or contain multiple stones along the length of the bracelet.

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11. Shell

Shell anklets are the perfect choice for a beachy seaside vibe. These anklets are typically created with leather or thin cord woven through the shells. Style options may have several shells strung together or just a single focal shell. The size of the shells can also vary from tiny seashells to larger pieces.

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12. Elastic

The elastic anklet is a boho look. These stretchy bands work great when other anklets are too loose. This anklet will fit snuggly and is less likely to catch on to things.

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13. Jeweled

The jeweled anklet is a classy style. The featured jewels can be simple or flashy depending on how many jewels your anklet features. Jewel colors can be customized to match your outfit.

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14. Double Strand

A double-strand anklet looks give a pretty layered look without the risk of multiple anklets becoming tangled together. Thin layers look delicate around the ankle. If you don't have a double strand anklet, you can create this look by wearing more than one anklet at a time.

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15. Cuff

A cuff anklet is a wider band style. Consider wearing a pair of these to really attract attention as a bold statement piece. These anklets can also be worn as an accent to change the look of shoe straps.

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16. Tennis

The tennis anklet is a take on the classic tennis bracelet style. Usually, a combination of small stones set in a chain the tennis anklet brings the traditional bracelet to a new level.

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17. Link

Link anklets are created by intertwining links of metal, sometimes set with jewels. These anklets are a great choice if you have difficulty with sizes, as links can often be removed to customize the anklet's fit.

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18. Coin

Coin anklets are a fun, playful look. These anklets are often worn as a pair, with one on each ankle. They will jingle as you walk, making your jewelry hard to miss. Coin anklets are an extravagant statement piece.

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19. Rhinestone

Rhinestone anklets add sparkle to your outfit. Choose a rhinestone anklet for a classy touch of bling. Rhinestones can be found integrated into many of the anklet styles that are available to choose from.

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20. Chunky

Chunky anklets are a statement piece. These are eye-catching and bold accessories. Worn singly or in pairs, you'll want to keep the rest of your outfit simple and make these anklets the star of your ensemble.

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Complete Your Look

With so many options to choose from, anklets make the perfect unexpected accessory. From dainty to bold, simple to colorful, you can use the choices above to guide you in selecting the perfect anklet to match your style. Classy and eyecatching the anklet is a timeless accessory. Enjoy building your collection and working these styles into your existing jewelry wardrobe.

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