22 Types of Bracelets You Should Know

Bracelets are a fun and easy way to accent your outfits. Ranging from dressy to casual, this guide will help you find the perfect bracelet to match any style. Some bracelets are more than just jewelry and serve a functional purpose.

For your convenience, we put together a list of 22 types of bracelets as well as some product examples. So, without further ado, let's get to it!

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Types Of Bracelets


A bangle bracelet slips over the hand and does not have a hinge or clasp. Typically, this is one continuous piece. You can squeeze some bangle styles to adjust their diameter.

Finding the right size bangle for your wrist may be a challenge. To measure for a bangle, measure the widest area of your hand to be able to slide the bangle on and off. If you have slim wrists and don't like a bracelet that slides a lot, you may not like bangle bracelets.

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Bangle stacks are a current style trend. A great benefit of purchasing a stack set is that the bangles can be worn together as a statement piece or individually for a subtle look.

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Cuff bracelets are a band that does not close completely. A cuff will have a gap in the band. You can squeeze some cuffs to adjust the size of it.

Some people complain that their cuff bracelet falls off easily. If you find this to be the case, look for a bracelet with a smaller gap or a bracelet that is flexible enough to be squeezed tighter once on your wrist. Cuff bracelets can be wide or thin.

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For more information on the difference between bangle and cuff bracelets check out this post, Bangle vs Bracelet vs Cuff - What Are The Differences?


Chain bracelets consist of interlocking metal chain links. They can be made of various types of metals and close with a clasp. They can be thick or thin and worn alone or with charms attached. This type of bracelet is not adjustable and will slide freely on the wrist.

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The tennis bracelet is a classic style. Tennis bracelets are a flexible bracelet with one or more rows of diamonds. They are named after the famous tennis player, Chris Everett, who wore one while playing tennis. These bracelets are not adjustable.

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The charm bracelet is a bracelet that allows for the attachment of small trinkets or charms. The charms may be a collection or theme and usually have a special meaning to the wearer.

Charm bracelets are unique and a fun way to personalize a piece of jewelry. They often tell a story for the wearer. Fans of charm bracelets will collect charms to celebrate life events and add to their bracelet over a period of time.

Charms can hang from the bracelet and could catch on clothing or objects. If you don't like a lot of jangling or sliding, a charm bracelet may not be for you.

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This is a base charm bracelet. The charms designed to use with this bracelet are beads that slide onto the bracelet base.

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This is the type of bead charm that slides on the above base bracelet.

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Beaded bracelets are formed with bead threaded together. They can vary from fun plastic beads in a variety of colors to a simple metal bead. Beaded bracelets are popular among the DIY crowd as they are easy to create at home. Beaded bracelets are often made with a stretchy band that is comfortable and does not slide as much as a bangle or clasp bracelet.

This fun kit has the supplies to make beaded bracelets at home.

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Leather bracelets come in various styles; they may be a simple band or a wide cuff. It's a versatile material that lends itself to styles that can be either masculine or feminine.

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Link bracelets consist of interlocking links of metal. They come in a variety of colors and styles of metals. This style offers both masculine and feminine options. You can remove links to adjust the fit of the bracelet.

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A pearl bracelet is a classic piece that is associated with instant sophistication. Pearls may be cultured or saltwater. They come in various colors, sizes, and shapes.

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Omega bracelets have a rubberized band with a metal clasp. They are considered a "sailing" bracelet. This bracelet is designed to hold up to water and outdoor weather without worry about damaging the bracelet.

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Friendship bracelets can be shared with those close to you. These colorful bracelets are attached by tying onto your wrist. Typically, they are left in place until they fall off. This style goes best with a casual look. Friendship bracelets are available pre-made or you can easily learn to make your own.

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This kit will teach you how to make your own friendship bracelets.

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Bracelets that contain magnets are meant to be helpful in some pain syndromes, like arthritic conditions. You can incorporate this healing therapy with a beautiful piece of jewelry.

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Braided bracelets can be made with leather, cord, or thread. You can use multiple strands to form a thick or thin braid. Braided bracelets are versatile and hold up well to frequent wear.

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The Kada is a religious bracelet that many Sikhs wear. It is usually made of silver or gold. The Kada is designed to protect the wearer. This is a bangle style bracelet that slides on the wrist.

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Infinity Link

An infinity link bracelet combines the fashion of a bracelet with the utility of a USB charger. These clever bracelets allow you to charge your device on the go. You'll never be without a charging cable for your phone when wearing this bracelet.

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These bracelets add a fun pop of color and convert to a charging cable in a pinch.

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The slap bracelet gained popularity in the 1980s. The bracelets are made of a flexible stainless steel spring band that's covered with a material like silicone, fabric, or plastic. They typically come in fun and colorful designs. When tapped against the wrist, the band gives a satisfying snap as it curls to conform to your wrist.

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Sports bracelets are believed to improve energy and focus. These bracelets are usually made of silicon that contains a hologram. They are comfortable to wear while doing a wide array of sports and may improve performance.

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Health bracelets may incorporate magnets, crystals, or gemstones. Depending on the component, they are thought to impact health in different ways. They may improve energy, sleep, mood, or any other variety of issues.

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Multilayer bracelets have a stacked bracelet appearance but all the strands connect to one closure. This gives the look of wearing multiple bracelets without needing to put several bracelets on. This type of bracelet is available in many materials.

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Slider bracelets have a unique adjustable mechanism. These bracelets are great for those with smaller wrists or people who don't like a loose bracelet. You can tighten them to feel more secure. They're typically dainty and elegant.

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Wooden bracelets may consist of wooden beads or links. The polished wood gives a warm earthy feel to these bracelets. Wood is a popular medium for jewelry artisans.

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Bracelet Watch

The bracelet watch is another multifunctional device. It's a watch with a decorative band in place of the traditional watch band. Depending on the closure style, a bracelet watch may fit loosely and slide on the wrist. This does increase the potential for damage to the watch face if it does not fit well.

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In Closing

The choices in bracelets allow expression of your style. Bracelets work well as accent pieces and can also serve specific functions like charging electronic devices or impacting your health. Have fun matching bracelets to your outfits. The possibilities are endless!

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