23 Types Of Hats For Women You Should Know

As a woman that takes pride in your fashion, it's critical to know the different kinds of clothing options to maximize your look at all times. One of the most underutilized fashion accessories is the hat. The right hat can be the cherry on top of your already incredible outfit, so it's a good idea to know about the different types of hats at your disposal.

To help you out, we created a list of 23 common types of hats for women. Without further ado, let's get into it, shall we?

Beautiful blonde woman in striped summer hat, 23 Types Of Hats For Women You Should Know

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1. Ball Cap

This is probably the most common type of hat and the kind that you picture when the word "hat" is mentioned. A ball cap, or baseball cap, has a soft, rounded crown with an arched bill. Some varieties have an adjustable strap on the back. A simple ball cap is perfect for a more relaxed, athletic look.

Distressed Vintage Ballcap

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2. Cloche

The cloche hat is bell-shaped and typically made from felt so it can easily fit the shape of the head. Its name comes from the same French word "cloche," meaning "bell." The cloche hat was invented in 1908, reaching peak popularity in the early 1900s. 

Wool Cloche

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3. Fedora

A fedora hat has a distinct look with its soft brim, indented crown, and pinched sides near the front. There's practically no limit on the material that can be used for fedoras. Some materials include straw, felt, cotton, and wool. 

Wide Brim Straw Fedora

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Cotton Blend Fedora

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4. Beanie

Look no further for your perfect winter hat. The beanie, or knit cap, has a rather simple construction built to keep your head warm. The stretch of the fabric keeps it snugly on the head. It can fit tightly or loosely on the top.  

Soft Trendy Beanie

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5. Beret

Typically associated with France and Spain, the beret is a round, flat, visor-less hat. It can be made from wool, acrylic fibers, or cotton. 

French Wool Beret

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6. Sun Hat

A sun hat is a rather large hat that features a wide brim that runs around the entire perimeter of the hat. It's designed to protect your head and shoulders from the sun. It can be made from a variety of materials including straw and a cotton blend. 

Straw Sun Hat

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7. Boater

A boater hat is a wildly popular type of hat, popularized in the early 19th century. It's traditionally crafted from sennit straw, has a flat top and flat brim, and has a fabric band that runs around the base of the top. The hats are stiff and durable.

Straw Boater Hat 

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8. Felt Hat

A felt hat, like its name suggests, is made from felt and features a creased crown. There are many styles and color varieties of the felt hat. 

Spring Felt Hat

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9. Fascinator

A fascinator is a type of formal headwear for women and a more decorative alternative to a hat. They're ornamental and lightweight. It usually features a decorative design attached to a headband or clip. 

Peacock Feather Fascinator

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10. Panama

A Panama hat is a traditional brim straw hat that originated in Ecuador. They're lightweight, breathable, and light-colored. They're a popular choice for a beach hat. 

Straw Panama Hat

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11. Derby/Race Hat

A derby/race hat is a highly decorative style of hat. These hats became popularized as high fashion accessories at horse races, notably the Kentucky Derby. They're known for being bright, extravagant, and large. The wilder, the better. 

Derby Hat

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12. Cowboy

You don't have to live on a ranch to get use out of a cowboy hat. Of course, you can't picture a cowboy without this iconic hat. A cowboy hat is high-crowned and wide-brimmed. It can be made from felt, straw, or even leather. 

Felt Cowboy Hat

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Straw Cowboy Hat

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13. Bucket

A bucket hat features a wide, downward-sloping brim and is typically made from canvas or other similar material. Some have metal eyelets on the crown to increase ventilation. This hat has become decreasingly popular as the years go by, so why not bring it back into style?

Wide Brim Bucket Hat

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14. Paddler's Hat

A paddler's hat features a wide brim with lots of ventilation around the crown. It's a hat designed to be worn by outdoor adventure seekers. It provides sufficient protection from UV rays, too. Many have snap-up sides for added versatility. 

Paddler's Hat

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15. Trilby

Similar to the fedora, the trilby is a more casual hat. It features a narrow brim that permanently fixed downward. It has a subtly pinched crown. Common materials include straw, cotton, and wool.

Trilby Hat

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16. Pork Pie

Funny name, but it is named after its uncanny resemblance to the shape of a pork pie. The top of the crown is slightly pinched in and the crease is circular. The brim is rather short and points up. 

Wide Band Pork Pie Hat

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17. Safari

If you're going to be out in the sun, a safari hat is an excellent choice. It's usually made from a lightweight material such as a polyester blend and has great ventilation. The polyester blend material is very breathable. A chin strap is common, too.

Exploration Safari Hat

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18. Boonie

A boonie hat is a type of wide-brimmed hat that is commonly used by the military. Many boonie hats feature loops that run around the base of the crown of the hat. They typically have an adjustable chin strap and a ventilation system.

Boonie Hat

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19. Ivy/Flat Cap

An ivy cap is a type of flat cap that features a flat panel and a rounded shape. They typically attach to a hard brim in the front.  

Denim Flat Ivy Cap

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20. Kettle Brim

A kettle brim hat has a stylish turned-up brim that was inspired by French Breton hats. The brim can range from a slim width to a broad width. These hats are perfect for the summer and keeping you cool yet put-together. 

Large Kettle Brim Hat

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21. Newsboy Cap

A newsboy cap, while similar to an ivy cap, features a fuller crown. This is due to its construction that includes 6 to 8 different panels of fabric. The newsboy cap has a button on the very top. The brim is short, flat, and stiff. 

Newsboy Cabbie Hat

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22. Peruvian

A Peruvian hat, also called a chullo, is a type of warm knit-hat that originated in the Andes region. It features earflaps and is made from various types of wool such as alpaca and llama. The earflaps can be tied underneath the chin for added warmth. They come in lots of different, vibrant colors and patterns. 

Peruvian Winter Hat

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23. Tam

The tam cap is a design based on the classic military tam o'shanter and beret. So, it's a female take on a classically male hat. It has a variety of shapes and fabrics, often with a close-fitting inner cap to where the fabric could be draped. 

French Tam

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In Closing

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