What Can I Use Instead of a Belt? [5 Belt Alternatives]

Is there something to pair with an outfit besides a belt? You want a little something to top off your fashion, but you're not into belts. Or maybe you find belts uncomfortable and want options. We've put together a list of ideas and examples to show you based on top style practices.
Here are great alternatives to wearing a belt:
  • Suspenders
  • A Beltbro
  • Well-Tailored Pants
  • Pants With Side Tab Adjusters
  • Elastic Waist Band 

Let's look at each of these options in detail below. We'll also answer some of your questions about when it's okay not to wear a belt.

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Alternatives To Wearing A Belt

Many people find belts restrictive or uncomfortable. Perhaps you think they're too bulky. Or it's just one more thing to think about with your wardrobe. Whatever the reason, there are alternatives out there. This YouTube video gives an excellent overview of some options available to you, which we'll also go through in detail.


Suspenders, or braces, became popular in the early 1800s and universally worn by men into the early twentieth century. Now, they tend to be more of a fashion choice for both men and women, but some people find them more comfortable than belts. They also work on pants that have no belt loops or specially made for suspender use.

Men's Suspenders

These suspenders from Nocona Belt Co. feature an attractive woven design. Available in 3 shades of brown and black, they are long-lasting leather. These are a great pair of work casual suspenders.

Click here for this on Amazon.

These dress suspenders from Tommy Hilfiger are for tuxedo pants. They come with the option of clips or button fasteners for each style of pants.

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Women's Suspenders

These narrow Y-back suspenders are stretch polyester webbing and will work with any style of pants. These come in 24 different color choices and make for a fun wardrobe accessory!

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Show off your Hogwarts House with these fun suspenders. Go Ravenclaw for these!

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Use A BeltBro Or Similar Device

No buckle belts are an alternative when you need something to hold your pants in place but don't want the bulk of a buckle. These handy devices skip the buckle and work with snaps instead. Some feature almost a full circle of elastic, while others simply pull two belt loops together.

This is a unisex, no buckle belt. It's available in 12 different colors and works for up to a 72" waist. The band is elastic, and the snaps are secure.

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For the original BeltBro, you need to check them out on their website: BeltBro.com.

Well-Tailored Pants

A sure-fire way to avoid using a belt is to make sure your pants are well-tailored at the waist. Simply because you buy something off the rack, doesn't mean you can't have it custom fitted for your body. Once custom-fitted, you'll find that you return again and again to pants that fit well.

Pants With Side Tab Adjusters

If you love to avoid tight belts, then finding dress pants with side tab adjusters should be on your to-do list. These pants button adjustments on the side that allow you to fit the waist for your specifications. Then your belt can serve as aesthetic quality only.

These pants from Haggar feature hidden waist adjustment tabs ensuring a snug fit without a belt.

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Elastic Waist Bands

Elastic waistbands on pants mean no more belts. Many pants in this style don't even have belt buckles opting for a drawstring instead. Talk about comfortable, who doesn't love a pair of pull-on pants.

These casual cotton pull-on pants don't need a belt.

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You can even find slip-on jeans with elastic waistbands.

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Are Belts Necessary?

Nope. There's no need to wear a belt if your pants aren't falling down. With a suit, if you're keeping your jacket on and have flat-front pants, you don't need one. Jeans do look beautiful with a belt, but again it's only necessary if you like a crisp look. If you're interviewing for a job, just make sure you look professional and not sloppy. Which can often mean, yes to the belt.

Is It Okay To Not Wear A Belt With Dress Pants?


It is okay, but if you know you'll be taking off your suit coat, you may opt for the belt, so you look polished at all times. Be sure your belt works with your outfit. The wrong belt can take away from your look, rather than enhance your style.

Some dress pants, particularly for women, don't have belt loops, which makes it clear that it's okay to skip the belt. 

Slim-fit, flat-front dress pants like these look super without a belt (if they fit correctly). Even though they have belt loops, they still look polished without a belt. They're available from several different clothing makers and sellers.

These pants by Van Heusen are available here on Amazon.

Can You Wear Jeans Without A Belt?

It's okay to wear your jeans without a belt. If your pants fit well and aren't falling off of your waist, there's no practical reason to wear one. For style, that's up to you. A nice belt gives a finished or dressier look to a pair of jeans if you're tucking in your shirt, but if you have a soft pullover sweater, the bulk of a belt buckle detracts from the overall vibe. (If you know you want to wear a belt with your jeans, we have a great post here on how to style it: What Belt Should You Wear With Jeans?

Can You Tuck In A Shirt Without A Belt?

A favorite look with jeans is the French Tuck. With this style, the wearer tucks in the front half of their shirt, while the rest remains loose. Of course, you can fully tuck in your shirt without a belt as well. It will just look more finished with a belt.

When Should You Not Wear A Belt?

You should not wear a belt with suspenders. (See our post here: Should You Wear a Belt With Suspenders?) They perform the same function and therefore rule each other. This also means you shouldn't wear a belt with a tuxedo. Why? Because you wear tuxedos with suspenders.

You also shouldn't wear a belt with pants that have no belt loops and an elastic waistband. That would look odd.

Go Forth Without A Belt

Do you have some great ideas on ways to avoid the belts now? Remember, the key to not wearing a belt is making sure that your pants fit your waist. Then a belt becomes a fashion choice rather than a needed item for function. Whether you opt for the fun of suspenders or the ease of an elastic waist is up to you, but know that it's okay to go beltless.

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