Using Eyelash Serum? Here’s What You Must Know!

Have you ever wanted stronger or longer eyelashes? Maybe you’ve tried many different types of mascara, hoping they would get your eyelashes to look just the way you like. If mascara hasn’t gotten you the results you want, the next step to perfect lashes might be choosing to use an eyelash serum. So, why should you choose to use eyelash serum? We've researched the purpose and uses of eyelash serum to get answers to frequently asked questions that you may also have.

Eyelash serum is a great option to strengthen and grow your natural lashes. It is safe, easy to use, and many people swear by the results they have seen personally. It can be intimidating, however, to know how to use it to earn the best results. These application tips can help get you started: 

  • Make a routine for application
  • Clean your lash line regularly
  • Apply to only your upper lash line
  • Wait before applying makeup
  • Wash your hands before application
  • Do not rub your eyes after application
  • Avoid sharing your eyelash serum
  • Taper serum use before ceasing application

Continue reading this article to find out how to apply eyelash growth serum, even more tips and tricks to using it, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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How To Apply Your Eyelash Growth Serum

Start the application process with a clean, dry face and hands. To apply the serum:

  1. Dip your brush and gather a small amount of serum; make sure to only use a small amount as it is concentrated.
  2. Apply only to your upper eyelashes, at the root, starting from the outer edge and working your way in.
  3. Wait at least two minutes before you apply your makeup.

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Create an Application Routine

For best results, make a habit of using your eyelash serum and keep to your routine. If you miss applications of it, you will be sure to interrupt the growth cycle, which can be why some users do not see results. Choose an application schedule, for example, one time in the morning and one time at night every single day, and stick to it for the best results.

Can You Use Eyelash Serum Twice A Day?

Yes, the directions will usually suggest usage twice per day. As long as you are staying in a routine with your application, applying it twice per day can speed up the process and yield better results faster than applying the serum once per day.

Start with a Clean Lash Line

Never forget to clean your lash line and face before applying eyelash serum. Cleansing your lash line is very important when using a growth serum. This should be easy, as your normal face washing routine should do the trick without additional steps; just don’t make a habit of avoiding the eye area of your face. Read "Do Face Cleansers Remove Makeup?" on face cleansing products for your routine.

Apply Serum Only to Upper Lashes

Remember to apply the eyelash serum to only your upper lashes. Applying it to the top lashes allows it to affect all lashes, upper and lower, without wasting too much serum.

Can You Use Eyelash Serum On Lower Lashes?

You should not use eyelash serum on your lower lashes. Using it on your lower lashes can cause the serum to web out away from the roots, therefore not allowing it to soak into your roots. Applying just to your upper lashes will yield the best results.

Wait Before Applying Makeup

Make sure to wait at least two minutes before applying your makeup after you are finished putting the eyelash serum on your top eyelashes. Waiting about ten minutes before applying makeup will yield the best results. Otherwise, the growth serum can get wiped away; therefore, you would not be receiving the rewards of using this product.

Always Apply Using Clean Hands

Always make sure to wash your hands before applying any products to your eyes or face. Washing your hands should be a conscious choice before applying eyelash growth serum to your eyes. It is important to keep germs away from the eyes, nose, and mouth in general, but especially with products this close to your eyeball.

Do Not Rub the Serum

Try your best not to rub your eyes after application. This may seem like it goes without saying; however, you probably do not even notice how often you rub or touch your eyes. It is especially important with serum because these products can be harmful to your eyes if they get into direct contact with your eyeball; it is best that they stay only in contact with the hair follicles of your eyelashes.

Do Not Share Your Serum

It is best to avoid sharing your eyelash serum with your friends. It has become a common thing for friends to share makeup products; however, this is a very dangerous practice. You are sharing germs and bacteria that can potentially harm all parties involved. This goes for eyelash serums, as well as your regular makeup products.

Taper Serum Use

Ending serum use requires tapering. This is to avoid your eyelashes from shedding at the lash line, which happens because of the lash growth cycle. To taper, just slowly space out how often you are using your lash serum until you are no longer applying it. For instance, go from twice a day to once a day, then from once a day to once every other day, and from there every two days and so on.

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How To Remove Eyelash Serum?

To remove eyelash serum, you will just need to wash your face as you normally would. You want to cleanse your eyelashes and eyelids, so make sure not to avoid your eyes while cleansing your face. No additional scrubbing or cleansers are required; your normal facial soap should do the job.

So How Does Lash Serum Work?

There are three main types of lash serums based upon the key ingredients used in them. They can be prostaglandin-based, peptide-based, or vitamin-based. Prostaglandin is the most common.

Prostaglandin is a drug that has been used to treat a condition called glaucoma. When this drug is used, people notice their eyelashes growing. Because of this, prostaglandin derivatives create this type of lash serum. Because of how eyelash serum came about, it is fairly expensive to buy.

Many of these prostaglandin-derived serums will not name that in their ingredient list; other names will show up most of the time. The possible side effects are mainly eye redness, irritation, and itchiness. Another uncommon possible side effect is eye discoloration.

Ingredients In Eyelash Serum

Latisse is a prescription based, FDA approved treatment for inadequate lashes. The active ingredient in their eyelash serum is Bimatoprost.

Some additional ingredients include keratin, a protein found in hair to help strengthen the structure of your hair. Another ingredient is biotin, a supplement that keeps your hair healthy.

Serums also contain vitamins, including vitamin B5, along with peptides, botanical extracts, and sodium hyaluronate. All of these allow your eyelashes to grow healthier and longer, as well as come in fuller and stronger.

Is Eyelash Serum Truly Effective?

Latisse user, Jeannie, reviewed their eyelash treatment and said, "then, at age 61, I was asked to participate in a clinical study for eyelash growth by my doctor. He didn't make any promises, but I was hopeful. The results were amazing! Finally, my lashes grew back thick and long! I was so excited. Now I have beautiful, long eyelashes."

Another Latisse user, Julie, stated, "I lost a lot of my eyelashes from wearing false eyelashes. LATISSE really helped. After 16 weeks, the results were amazing."

Danielle, another Latisse user, said, "when LATISSE came out, I was skeptical, but my doctor recommended it to me and within weeks I had lashes. Few at a time, but they were growing. In about two months, my lashes were thicker and darker. My friends and family see the difference."

Is Eyelash Serum Bad For Your Eyes?

Eyelash serum is safe as long as you follow the directions. It is important to make sure you pay attention to any negative side effects and consult your doctor if you notice any changes. If you have any significant eye problems or wear corrective contacts, it is important to discuss serum use with your doctor beforehand.

It is important to use well-known brands with natural and clean ingredients, especially for products that are being applied so close to your eyes. Also, note that just because an over-the-counter product does not list side effects does not mean that there are none.

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Should Eyelash Serum Burn?

No, eyelash serum should not burn your eyes or skin. A way to test if it will affect you badly is to apply a thin strip to your hand before your first use. This will test if you are allergic or sensitive to it before applying it to your eyes.

Can You Use Too Much Eyelash Serum?

Yes, there is such thing as using too much product. Apply only a thin amount to your upper eyelids and avoid clumping it on or dripping too much onto your lashes.

Can Eyelash Serum Cause Dark Circles?

Usually, eyelash serum does not cause dark circles, however, some users have said they noticed a blue/purple tint on their eyelids where the serum has touched their skin. This is not the same as dark circles, but it is important to add since it is also a discoloration.

How Long Does Eyelash Serum Last?

With daily use, most eyelash serums last an average of three months. Each specific eyelash serum will last for different amounts of time based on the amount of serum in the container, how much is used for each application, and how often it is being used.

Does Eyelash Serum Stop Working at Some Point?

Some people will question if the eyelash serum will stop working at some point; the answer is not necessarily. You will always have new eyelash growth, so you can continue to use this product to train future eyelashes to grow fuller and healthier.

How Quickly Do You See Results?

Most users see results within three to eight weeks. Usually, it is within that time frame; however, some users have reported results within a week, and others have waited as long as 12 weeks to see results.

How Long Do You Have to Use Eyelash Serum?

It is best to use your eyelash serum consistently for about 14 weeks to make sure you are seeing results.

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Can You Use Eyelash Serum With Extensions?

Being able to use the serum with extensions depends on the serum ingredients. Many, however, can be used with extensions as long as the ingredients do not interact with the extensions. Some ingredients that may interact include Polyethylene Glycol, Hexalene Glycol, or Propylene Glycol. These can dissolve the adhesive, therefore, ruining the extensions. Look for any type of Glycol in the ingredients list on the packaging.

Can you use eyelash serum With Lash Lift?

Yes, you are able to use eyelash serum with lash lift. The main direction given after a lash lift is to avoid an eyelash curler, but eyelash serum is fine to use.

Can You Use Eyelash Serums While Pregnant?

It is important to speak to your doctor before using eyelash serum if you are pregnant. If you are nursing or pregnant, you will need to do research specific to your situation. Some serums are safe for both situations, whereas some are only safe to use while nursing, and others are unsafe for use in either situation.

Can Eyelash Serum Be Used On Eyebrows?

Yes, eyelash serum can help eyebrows grow thicker and healthier. However, it will not help hair grow into a bald spot. To use it on the eyebrows, you will need to clean your eyebrows using your regular facial cleanser and then apply a thin amount onto the roots of your eyebrows.

Can Eyelash Serum Be Used On Scalp Hair?

Some eyelash serums can be used for hair growth on the scalp; however, it is suggested that a doctor oversee this particular treatment. Also, the downside to this treatment is the expense because it can cost upwards of $150 per bottle. Patients of certain clinics have gone through as many as three to four bottles per month for scalp treatments.

Read "Can You Use Hair Serum On Eyelashes Or Eyebrows?" for more information on hair serum.

Eyelash Serum Natural Alternatives

There are natural products and techniques that you can use to produce fuller and healthier lashes, giving results that come close to the results of eyelash serums.

One thing you can do is comb your lashes at least once a day. This helps distribute the natural oils from your roots along your lashes. Another thing you should do is always take your mascara off before sleeping.

Natural products you can use include oils with vitamins, proteins, and nutrients such as castor oil. Also, mixing aloe vera and olive oil to apply to your eyelashes with a cotton swab can also produce great results.

Final Thoughts On The Use Of Eyelash Serum

With eyelash serum, it is very important to have all of the information before starting this product. Each brand will have different directions, ingredients, and potential side effects. Eyelash growth serum can yield great results and allow you to have your dream eyelashes.

To get the best results, it is important to not apply too much serum and make sure your skin and hands are clean before application. You do not need to remove eyelash serum after use, just washing your face will remove any leftover serum. Make sure to follow all directions and keep a close eye on your eyelashes as you continue applying your eyelash serum.

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