Can You Wear Boots In The Summer?

Can You Wear Boots In The Summer?

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When summer rolls around, it’s time to free your feet from galoshes and winter boots. Let your toes embrace the warmth with flip-flops, sandals, and espadrilles. That is until you get tired of your sandals and flip-flops. Then you might start wondering: Can you wear boots in the summer?

You can certainly wear boots in the summer too! Call it a trend or call it "wearing what you want to wear when you want to wear it", but there is no reason that you shouldn’t wear boots year-round. Many boot styles are appropriate to wear in the summer months.

Even though we’ve said that you should welcome boots to your summer wardrobe, there are some considerations in the type of shoe to wear. Read on in this post as we guide you through wearing boots in the summer.

Let Air Flow

Wearing boots in the summer is the least of your fashion worries. Choosing which boot to wear is the real dilemma. The summer brings us unique and playful styles of boots. Let’s look closer at fashion footwear that doesn’t make the cut for the cooler months but is perfect for, the warmer months of summer.

Peep toe

Boots that are designed with an opening in the toe-box are called a peep-toe. Not only do these open-toe shoes let you show off your excellent pedicure, but they also allow your feet to breath. The most popular form of a peep-toe boot is a bootie, a shorter ankle boot. But there are plenty of knee-high and thigh-high boots to choose from as well.

And, the options for flirty summer colors, materials, and heel height are almost endless.

Cut out

A cut out boot or bootie is crafted by carving out or removing material in the boot structure on purpose. Designs can include small shapes cut into the material around your ankles or across the top of your feet. Or designs can be dramatic by removing the entire backside of the boot, leaving buckles to hold them in place.

Like with the peep-toe booties, there is an array of materials, hues, and heel heights from which to choose.


The perforated material on your boots or booties is like that of cut-outs. The holes are there on purpose. But the perforations provide more exposure for your feet. Your tootsies will thank you on a smoking hot day when all the woven holes enable air to flow in and out of your boots.

And there are so very many colors, materials, and heels available.

The Great Outdoors Needs Footwear

Swimming or kayaking doesn’t require much foot support or protection. Summer, however, is full of other outdoor adventure that does need some special footwear—and by special, we mean boots. Hiking a trail or traversing a stream is best done in boots.

There are so many choices for specialty hiking boots. Keep those fleece-lined boots for winter and find a pair of boots made with cooling or wicking materials. And, let’s face it, we don’t want our fancy boots or any of our shoes getting wet. There is always room for rain boots or booties to protect our feet and, well, our favorite summer shoes.

Can You Wear Thigh-High Boots In The Summer?

Thigh-high boots sound uncomfortable when you think about a hot and humid day. Fall and winter seem like the only time that thigh-high boots should be worn. Fashion trends don’t like rules. You can and should wear thigh-high boots in the summer.

The trick to wearing tall boots is picking the right outfit. Here are a few ideas to ponder for boot pairing:

  • Cut-off jean shorts
  • Miniskirts
  • Flowy rompers
  • Sundresses
  • Minidresses

Thigh-high boots are chic. And if it is a sweltering day, or you live in Miami, head for some air conditioning and rejoice in rocking your boots.

Can You Wear Chukka Boots In The Summer?

Chukkas are stylish and smart. Wearing them during the summer will elevate even the most casual warm-weather look. Chukka boots are also known as “desert boots,” and there is no need to hide them during the summer. These ankle boots are usually crafted from a lighter weight material, so your feet won’t feel the heat.

Make sure you show off these shoes by rolling your pant hem and wearing a contrasting color. If you are planning to wear your chukkas with shorts, make sure you ditch your socks or keep them out of sight.

Can You Wear Boots With A Summer Dress?

Summer dresses are transformed when accessorized with boots. You can and should freshen up your summer dress collection by adding a stylish pair of boots.

Here are some fresh ways to pair your boots and summer dress:

Sundress and cowboy boots

Light and flowy fabrics are a match for cowboy boots. Look for footwear that has a floral pattern or a bright color to dress up even the simplest frock. And, don’t forget to check out ankle cowboy boots.

Ankle boots and any length dress

Ankle boots are adaptable to any hem length. Whether you are sporting a mini, midi or maxi dress, booties are the perfect summer accessory. Look for boots that come in cool colors like white or silver. Or add an accent with boots adorned with fringe or those designed with a snakeskin pattern.

Knee-high boots and short dresses

Ideally, you want to show a bit of skin in the summer. Pairing your knee-high boots with a shorter dress does the trick. Your lacy little white dress or curve-hugging bodycon dress will only look swanker with knee-high boots. Just make sure your hemline falls a couple of inches above your knee.

Boots All Year

Long gone are the days where we must forget about wearing boots in the summer months. Now is the time to embrace the season by finding vibrant colors, patterns, and styles of boots to wear all summer long.

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