Can You Wear a Clutch During the Day?

We have all seen images of elegantly dressed women holding on to clutch purses during special evening events, but the question may arise of whether or not a clutch can be used during the day as well. Since handbags have long been a popular piece of fashion, we decided to research this topic thoroughly and have laid out all the details necessary to find out the answer. 

As it turns out, you can wear a clutch bag for both night and day. Since special outings and events take place during the evening time, women have found themselves needing or wanting a clutch during the day as well.

A woman with red colored nails and holding her clutch handbag, Can You Wear a Clutch During the Day?

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Though this type of bag seems to be used as an accessory piece to accompany beautiful gowns and outfits, it actually can serve a useful purpose for various occasions. Keep reading to find out more.

Is a Clutch a Handbag?

First things first: what exactly is a clutch? We already know that it is a type of purse (also simply called a "bag"), but how exactly is it categorized, and how is it meant to be worn? It's very simple.

A clutch is a small member of the handbag family, as the wearer carries it in one hand. Its very name means to grip or hold tightly. For this reason, it is often designed to be held on to directly instead of by handles. In some cases, a clutch may include detachable straps, usually made of chains, so that the owner can wear it across the shoulder when feeling tired of grasping it by hand.

What Is a Clutch Bag Used For?

In general, women fill their purses with cosmetics, keys, a cellphone, a wallet, and other personal items. However, it is improbable that all of these items can fit inside a compact clutch. So, what can you fit inside them, and what exactly is the purpose of this kind of bag? 

When we go out, especially to formal places, we do not want to bring a large purse because the bulkiness can be a hassle. Not to mention, it can sometimes throw off our entire outfit. Because of this, the design of clutch bags allows women to remain fashionable while carrying around their most necessary items.

During the daytime, clutches are quite convenient when you are meeting friends for lunch, running errands, or simply wanting to downsize the number of items that you carry around when out and about.

Women also enjoy wearing clutches to make a fashion statement. Many women want to feel stylish by matching their clutches with formal gowns, summer dresses, or even pantsuits. 

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How Do You Style a Clutch?

Clutches usually help make one's outfit appear more dressed up or elegant. For this reason, it would not work so well to wear a gem-studded clutch with casual jeans and a T-shirt or a fancy, floral clutch with a pantsuit at the office. Simple-looking clutches can be suitable for daytime, casual outings. However, some people love them with animals or cutesy patterns on them, which are also appropriate for casual wear.

The more elegant the clutch looks, the more it is meant for formal wear. How flashy, decorative, bright, or minimal the outfit or dress will determine which clutch style is more suitable.

How Do You Match a Clutch to a Dress?

When a dress is worn, it becomes the body of an outfit, so it determines what kind of accessories would be suitable to accompany it. Color-coordination makes a big difference. If your dress is of a more neutral or solid color, then you may wish to choose a clutch that pops out with a brighter color or a more decorative design. 

What if your gown is patterned, shimmery, or meant to be the most remarkable piece you're wearing? In this case, it may be best to wear a neutral-colored clutch, one without flashy designs. 

What Is the Proper Way To Hold a Clutch?

Believe it or not, there is a variety of ways to hold a clutch. Here are some of the most common and formal approaches that we have found: 

From Underneath

Cradle one hand underneath the clutch, resting it against the front or side of the body.

Grasp the Top

Use both hands to clasp the top of the clutch, resting it against the front of the body.

Wrap the Strap

If the clutch has a strap and you don't want to wear it on your shoulder, then you can wrap the strap loosely around a wrist with the hand gripping the top or bottom of the clutch.

Wristlet Style

If the clutch has a small handle for a wrist to fit through, then insert it appropriately, allowing the handle to rest on the top of the wrist gently, and use the hand to clasp the top of the clutch itself.

Watch this short video to learn ">5 Stylish Ways to Hold Your Clutch.

Is Clasping a Clutch Right For You?

After learning about the uses of clutches and how to dress them up with what you're wearing, you might be deciding if it's the right kind of bag for you. If you want to give your shoulders a break and lighten your load by only carrying simple necessities, then it might be just what you need. However, if you feel the need to browse more before deciding, then check out this list of 37 types of bags for women. Happy searching!

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