Can You Wear A Pencil Skirt To An Interview?

Figuring out what to wear for your interview can be stressful without some help. Are you thinking of wearing a pencil skirt but don't know if one is professional enough? Don't fret; we're here to help guide you on this very topic.

Yes, you can wear a pencil skirt to an interview. Whether you are interviewing for an office job or something more hands-on, your look needs to be appropriate. We suggest a blouse or collared shirt with your pencil skirt to give you a business-savvy look. Regardless, styling and accessories can make a huge difference in how your pencil skirt comes across.

As we begin, we will go over how to properly wear a pencil skirt to your interview. Although this skirt style can be either upscale or casual, we think trying one for your interview is a great idea. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

A beautiful business woman wearing a pink blouse and a black pencil dress, Can You Wear A Pencil Skirt To An Interview?

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Is A Pencil Skirt Appropriate For A Job Interview?

Although a pencil skirt might not be your first choice, we think one is acceptable for a job interview. Of course, this does depend on how you style it. More often than not, a pencil skirt is a fashionable, professional option. A good way to style a pencil skirt for an interview would be with a sensible pair of heels or boots and a non-revealing top. Generally, we suggest simple colors and very little jewelry for a job interview because less tends to have more of a positive impact.

A tall young lady wearing a white blouse and gray pencil skirt leaning on the coffee shops bar stand

Are Pencil Skirts Professional?

Whether you wear a pencil skirt to the office regularly or haven't thought to try one, we believe they are professional. Like any clothing, styling is where you will either create an appropriate look or not. We recommend sticking with something simple and not too tight, as you want to be comfortable during the day.

H&C Premium Nylon Stretch Office Pencil Skirt

Here is a comfortable and professional pencil skirt from H&C to wear. This skirt is nylon and spandex material, made in the USA, machine washable, and comes in many colors.

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How Long Should My Pencil Skirt Be?

Typically, we recommend any skirt you wear to an interview be below or at your knees. This is no different with a pencil skirt and is a good rule to follow within professional settings. Although everyone's shape and body are different, make sure your skirt covers enough skin and doesn't have any high slits. As much as we love the drama of a high-slit skirt, keep that style out of the office.

What Tops Look Best With A Pencil Skirt?

When it comes to what tops look best with pencil skirts, blouses, turtlenecks, and collared shirts look the most professional. As we mentioned earlier, the less skin you show, the better, so try to follow that when styling. If it is warm where you work/live, you can certainly wear a short-sleeve option to an interview or your job. We always suggest feeling out the vibe of your potential or current job and dress accordingly.

Bow Tie Neck Chiffon Office Blouse

Here is a good blouse to try with a pencil skirt from ACEVOG. This chiffon style top is polyester material, breathable, and comes in various colors and short sleeve options.

See this blouse on Amazon here.

Long Sleeve Mock Turtleneck

Here is a lightweight turtleneck from Wosalba to wear with your pencil skirt. This top is rayon and spandex, machine washable, and promises to be soft and comfortable.

View it on Amazon here.

Classic-Fit Oxford Shirt

Here we have a collared shirt from Amazon Essentials to try with a pencil skirt. This button-down shirt is 100% cotton, soft, durable, and machine washer-friendly.

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What Shoes Should I Wear With A Pencil Skirt?

A tall business woman wearing a proper business attire

Similar to your other clothing, your shoes should be simple and comfortable. Generally, a nice pair of heels, boots, or flats will look the best with a pencil skirt. Whether you have an important interview or meeting, your shoes do not have to be too fancy to make a good impression. We recommend a pair of black or neutral shoes to wear over something super bright and distracting.

LifeStride Sevyn Pump

Here is a pair of professional-looking heels from LifeStride to try. These heels are synthetic material, have a 2.75-inch heel, and come in a few color options.

Check out these heels on Amazon here.

Do I Have To Wear Heels To An Interview?

When it comes to needing a pair of heels for an interview, we disagree. Although you are more than welcome to wear a pair of heels to your interview, they are not particularly necessary. Generally, as long as your shoes are clean, simple, and not too casual, you should be fine to wear them. As we mentioned above, flats or boots are great alternatives to heels and are still professional footwear options.

Pointed-Toe Ballet Flat

Here we have a pair of comfortable flats from Amazon Essentials. These shoes have a faux leather sole, padded memory foam insole, and come in various colors.

View these flats on Amazon here.

Kamy Ankle Boot

Here is a pair of suede ankle boots from 206 Collective. These boots have a rubber sole, three-inch heel and come in black or toupe.

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Are Pencil Skirts Comfortable?

From what we have found, pencil skirts are not always comfortable. Of course, this will depend on your body and sizing, but pencil skirts do tend to be awkward to sit in. Whether you have a tighter-fitting skirt or not, pencil styles are probably not ideal for someone getting up and down too frequently. We suggest wearing your pencil skirt for important meetings rather than day-to-day office work. With that said, not all pencil skirts are uncomfortable, and options made with spandex are probably OK to wear more often.

A business woman wearing a white blouse and a leather pencil skirt

Simlu Pencil Skirt

Here is a good pencil skirt option with some stretch by Simlu. This skirt is polyester, rayon, and spandex, below the knee and comes in a few color options.

See it on Amazon here.

Are Pencil Skirts In Style?

Although pencil skirts do have an "office lady" aesthetic, they are high fashion as well. Style-wise, we do think they are on-trend and have a timeless look to them. If you prefer a skirt over pants and don't like a maxi or flowy style, we think a pencil skirt is a perfect alternative for either an interview or just a day of work. Regardless, make sure to wear what makes you feel good and comfortable in your place of work.

Our Final Words

Whether you have an important interview and don't know what to wear or need new ideas for the office, a pencil skirt is a great style to try. From what we found, pencil skirts are suitable for interviews and have a professional, business-friendly look. When it comes to styling your skirt, make sure to keep your clothing simple and not too flashy. In general, neutral shoes and tops tend to look better for interviews and come across better than bold colors or labeled clothing. Regardless of the occasion, make sure to find a pencil skirt with some stretch, so you don't feel uncomfortable throughout the day.

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