Should I Wear Tights with a Dress? [Here’s How]

Wearing your favorite tights with a dress is a hot topic. So, should you do it or is that look out of fashion? We get you; no one wants to be slacking in style! Keep reading because we have all the info you need. 

Tights are a great option to wear with a dress, especially in the winter or in colder weather. They look best with dresses that fall below your fingertips when your hands are placed down to your side. Tights can create a fun and cohesive look when paired with a dress. 

Although this is the basic rule of thumb (no pun intended), there are lots of little details that go along with selecting the perfect tights for your outfit. Keep reading, and we’ll discuss how to pair tights with dresses, and what shoes to wear with tights.

Woman wearing red dress, dark tights and high heels, Should I Wear Tights with a Dress? [Here's How]

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How Do You Wear Tights with a Dress?

Tights were made to be paired with dresses, but knowing how to wear them does not always come naturally. The know-how comes by selecting the right type of dress, as well as other accessories, to pair with the tights. 

Let’s explore options a bit further, to really get the idea because tights are a great way to cinch up an outfit to make it complete. Tights also keep your legs warm enough to wear your favorite dress in any cold weather. 

If you're not sure how to pair tights with a dress yet, try this. Select a dress that goes down to the edge of your fingertips for the best look. It's a classy and easy go-to option.

Something like this:


Accessorize with different shoes and boots based on the feel you are looking for and the length of the dress. Opaque tights are great for when it's not too cold or too hot because they are a bit more breathable.

Typically black tights are the go-to option to wear with dresses. They help create a seamless look and do not draw attention to the fact your legs are covered. 


Everyone should have a pair of our favorite, plain black tights by Spanx:

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However, black tights aren't the only way to go. Vibrant colors look great too. Go wild with your heart’s desire!


You can also wear more muted colors. Maroon, gray, and brown are great neutral options that let your dress speak for itself. Mute tights are great for professional environments. 


Also, pair colored tights with neutral-colored dresses to pull attention or mix colors for a bit of fun. 

What Color Tights Go with a Gray Dress?

Black tights look great of course, but there is more than one option for gray. Try going monochrome, with gray on gray. You may surprise yourself with how good this looks. 


Or try something that is a bit more fun, like a nice purple tight:


Wearing gray is a great time to try out something extraordinary.

What Color Tights Go with a Burgundy Dress?

A burgundy dress looks great with black, gray, nude, and of course burgundy. 


To find your favorite combination, try out on of these phenomenal patterned tights! They come in a TON of color options that you can try that work with other dresses as well. 

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What Color Tights Go With A Navy Blue Dress?

Some of the best color combinations for a navy blue dress are black, brown, gray, mustard yellow, forest green, and burgundy.

Matching the tights with another accessory helps blend colorful looks together. Doing so really creates a flawless and fun look!


Check out HDE’s opaque tights on Amazon for an array of color options including Cherry Red, like those pictured above.

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What Color Tights Go With A White Dress?

With a white dress, you could pick any color of the rainbow. Everything looks good with white. Match the look of white to your personality by selecting your favorite color. 

Brown, black, white, maroon, and deep green are great for a subtle statement. For the bold types out there, choose fushia, blue, or red.


How Do You Wear Opaque Tights With A Dress?

Opaque tights can come in brown, tan, white, and (most commonly) black. They are more see-through and definitely more subtle. Wear this option when you want the dress to be the focal piece. 


Wearing opaque tights with a great shoe helps bring everything together. 

What Shoes Do You Wear With Dress Tights?

While there is no set rule, tights go best with either closed-toed shoes or boots. Since tights seal up your toes, it is best that they are covered with shoes as well. 

It's always important to keep your style in mind as you're trying to make your outfit work. There are endless possibilities when it comes to tights-dress-shoes combos so experiment with what you have. 

Boots are a great option for colder days to keep your legs warm and dry. 


Even ankle boots do the trick with tights. 


If it is a bit warmer, flats pair well with tights and a dress for a more casual and comfortable look. Something like this is very practical yet flattering. 


Maybe safe isn't your style. Stilettos add a lot of drama when paired with tights. It dresses up the look.


In essence, what footwear you choose really depends on the vibe you're going for. If you want a more casual feel, even "dad shoes" look good with tights!


Really, endless possibilities make tights versatile enough for any shoe!

Should Tights Match Dress Or Boots?

When it is possible, tights should match both the pair of boots and the dress. Keep everything in colors that look good together to achieve this.

However, if you have to pick just one, it is more important to match your boots (or shoes) with your tights. Clashing the boots with the tights is usually a no-no unless it is purposeful. The tone of the tights should line up with the footwear, because they are close together. 

Ideally, the dress, boots, and tights will all be in the same color scheme to make the whole outfit cohesive and not just be separate parts of the overall look. 

When Should You Not Wear Tights?

Tights are meant for colder weather, so it's best to not wear tights in the summer or spring. 

According to Bazaar Fashion, tights should not be worn until October 1st and must be off after the 1st of April. To us, this is a pretty hard rule. If you live somewhere cold, why not keep your legs a little warmer in your favorite dress? We say that breaking the rules of fashion is fashionable. Basically, do what you want!

Other times that tights should be avoided is when the top you are wearing is actually a tunic. A tunic is a bit shorter than a dress and tends to look better with leggings. 

What Can I Wear Instead Of Tights?

Tights are a great option, but they aren't the only thing out there. Keep your mind open and try something else like:

  • Nude hose
  • Stockings
  • Tall boot socks
  • Leggings
  • Knee-high boots

Now, this may seem like a random list, but we'll dig a little deeper and explain why these options made our list with some examples of how to rock this style without tights. 

Nude Hose

This option helps keep those little legs of yours warm without taking attention away from your dress. Plus, the right hose can make your legs look flawless, so it's a great option. 

Remember to match the color of the nude hose to your skin color when picking them out. They also come in different finishes, from matte to shimmery. 

If you don't already have a pair, these Hanes hose are great:

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These are pretty similar to tights, but some don't go all the way up and over your waist. Instead, they stay firmly on your thighs. This is a nice feature so you aren't pulling up on your waistband all night trying to keep your tights up. 


Stockings are fun and flirty! If you have some laying around, give them a try. Or buy a pair like these:

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Long Boot Socks

When looking for another option to keep your legs warm, long boots socks are great. It is a breeze to find long socks (knee-highs especially) that are totally in fashion nowadays that could go with any dress. 

Just some food for thought; knee-high boot socks attract more attention to the legs. Among the abundant style options, we recommend these boot socks, in a three-pack:

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Leggings are a great option if your dress is shorter than your fingertips. If you have a tunic, it's great too. Leggings look great under a tunic and pair well with open-toed shoes, making leggings better for the warmer weather than tights. 

A nice tight pair looks good, and any color that coordinates with the dress/top will do! These leggings are great if you don't already have a pair waiting for you: 

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Knee-High Boots

Cold weather doesn't mean you can't wear your dress without tights. Knee-high boots are a great way to keep your legs warm and look fantastic. Over-the-knee boots are fashionable as well. 

This has been quite the trend and it always looks classy and sexy. What a combo! If you have a pair in your closet, try it out for yourself. If not, take a look at this great pair: 

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Give It A Try

We hope we've helped you see all the possibilities and given you some direction on how to wear your tights. You can wear tights that blend, or make a bold statement in a vast array of colors. Either way, we say go for it!

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