Can You Wear Wedge Sandals To A Wedding Or a Black Tie Event?

Wedges are considered to be one of the more upscale types of sandals on the market. Most workplaces allow them, as do most nightclubs. While they look totally at home on the boardwalk, they also work incredibly well in most upscale restaurants. However, many people tend to think that there has to be a limit as to where you can wear them. For example, black tie events and weddings can be a point of contention with these shoes. So, what's the deal?

Wedge sandals can be worn to more casual weddings as long as they are dressy in nature. When it comes to black tie events, women have far more leeway than they once did. Even so, the vast majority of fashion experts agree that wedge sandals have no place in a typical black tie event. 

Wearing the right thing to formal events isn't just about looking good. It's a matter of respect for the people who are throwing the events. If you're wondering what's appropriate when it comes to wedges, this article will give you the full scoop, so be sure to keep reading.

White platform wedge pumps set against a purple background, Can You Wear Wedge Sandals To A Wedding Or a Black Tie Event?

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When Can You Wear Wedge Sandals At Weddings And Black Tie Events?

To fully understand the connotations of wedge sandals, it's best to take a look at each event on its own accord. So, let's take a look at each one, and what the general expectations are in terms of attire.

Casual Weddings

Lady in red dress and black high-heels with bag in hands

For the most part, wearing wedge sandals at a casual wedding (ie, not black tie or white tie) will be totally fine. They are still considered to be a form of high heels, and they are capable of looking chic with a black dress or cocktail dress. Most people will not bat an eye if you wear them to a wedding. Just make sure they're a dark color and have a little glitz.

If you're still unsure, try to match your wedges to the dress color you're wearing---just no white!

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Formal Weddings

Newlywed couple dancing with bridesmaids and groomsmen

Formal weddings should be treated as black or white tie, especially if it's already been mentioned that it's a very formal affair by the bride-to-be. In this case, you have to use some personal discretion. You know the betrothed better than we do. Some people will be okay with wedge sandals at a wedding, as long as you're not completely underdressed.

If you want to err on the side of caution, ditch the wedge sandals at formal events entirely. A pair of black stilettos would be a far smarter option and will be universally accepted.

Black Tie

The jury is out on this one. Black tie events traditionally shunned wedge sandals, allowing only for stilettos. The entire idea of a black tie event is to ooze sophistication. You're not looking to do avant-garde fashion here, nor are you trying to be the one to look less formal. While there are always exceptions to the rule, most people view wedges as a no-go for black tie events.

With that said, there are some people who might be open to seeing wedge sandals as a part of a black tie event. Usually, this applies if you have rhinestone accents or crystals embedded into the black tie outfit. If you are going to give this a try, ask the organizer for permission first.

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Can You Wear Sandals To A Black Tie Event?

Zelda Williams at the Art of Elysium 10th Annual Black Tie Heaven Gala

We have already established that wearing wedge sandals to a black tie event is usually a no-go, but that doesn't mean that all sandals are off the menu. While wedge sandals are considered to be fairly casual in appearance, there are still sandals you can wear to a black tie event without getting a side-eye.

The most common (and most appropriate) type of sandal to wear to a black tie event is a stiletto. However, there are still rules that you should abide by when choosing the right shoe for the job. The tips below will help you make the most of your shoe choice:

  • Do not go for sandals that are overly avant-garde, crazy-looking, or brightly colored. This doesn't work with the black tie aesthetic and may make you look more like a hack than anything else.
  • Whenever you're in doubt, go for black stiletto sandals. It's a classic choice that will never steer you wrong.
  • Stilettos that are overly strappy (think over the ankle, up the leg) are considered to be too sultry for most black tie events.
  • On a similar note, stilettos should not have a heel that is too high. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it also can end up looking a little cheap.
  • Remember the weather outside. Everyone will be wondering what's wrong if you show up in sandals in the middle of winter.
  • Crystal accents on sandals are always welcome!

Can You Wear White Sandals To A Wedding?

White platform wedge pumps set against a purple background

Along with knowing the type of shoes you're allowed to wear, you also have to remember the rules about the color of the shoes. A very important rule of thumb, whenever you're putting together an outfit for the wedding, is to avoid wearing anything that could be construed as bridal. Wearing bridal attire when it's not your wedding is insanely disrespectful.

Sadly, this means that your white wedge heels are going to have to stay at home. A better option would be...virtually any other color in the rainbow. Much like with nails, we suggest neutral colors since they will go with any dress color you could be asked to wear.

What Dresses Go Well With Wedge Sandals?

If you're going to wear wedges, then you need to get a dress that works well with them. The good news is that you can get away with a ton of different styles. Some of the best ones for wedge sandals include:

  • Skirts and dresses with flared ends since they help accentuate the gentle curve of a wedge sandal.
  • Sundresses, since they're fun and carefree, much like wedges.
  • Wedges also work well with the classic LBD---the Little Black Dress. This is, of course, assuming that the wedges in question are black, too.
  • A-line skirts and circle skirts tend to go well with them too.
  • Long, flowy beach dresses work well with wedges, as long as they don't have a train.
  • Mini skirts and mini dresses can work with a wedge, as long as the wedges give a good "club vibe."

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In Closing

If you have been invited to a wedding or a black tie event, congratulations. You've got a major event coming up, and that means you should work towards being dolled up. Though your makeup and dress matter a ton, it's also important to remember that your shoes matter too. As long as the event you are attending is a casual wedding, wedge sandals should be totally fine.

However, most formal events do not take kindly to wearing wedge sandals. If you want to wear wedges to a black tie event, think long and hard about this before you do. You can still wear sandals, but just stick to stilettos. They're the safer bet, and go along with almost any outfit that you could imagine.

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