What to Wear With Gray Shoes? [21 Picture Ideas]

Words like "conservative" or "reserved" might come to mind when you think about the color gray. 

But we are here to tell you this color is essential to an elegant style. 

Gray shoes accessorize an outfit, taking it from mysterious to lively just by mixing up the shade. 

Read on as we provide you with ideas on what to wear with gray shoes for work and play in this post.

Woman in casual attire wearing gray high heels, What to Wear With Gray Shoes? [21 Picture Ideas]

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What to Wear For Work With Gray Shoes

Turn the classic gray shoe into your secret weapon for a professional look. 

These conservative shoes are the perfect addition to take your work wardrobe to the next level.

Lilac Dress With Gray Shoes

Young women shopping wearing grey dress and grey shoes

The dark gray pumps create a classic anchor for the light, silvery-colored dress.

Keeping the shade of color darker, but not black, is less formal and perfect for any event.

Putty Gray Ankle Boots Ground a Look

Studio shot of a stylish and beautiful young woman wearing skin tight jeans and grey heels

These gray ankle boots are neutral against the dark denim skinny jeans and tailored white blouse. 

The look is less formal but still dressy with this gray hue.

Pumps Finish A Classic Pantsuit

Cropped view of diplomat on grey heels and with briefcase standing near car

The shade of gray on these pumps boldly stands out against the dark pantsuit and white top.

The gray color tone is a refreshing departure from the typical black shoe you might expect.

Peep-toe Pumps Add Style

Woman with tattoos and dreadlocks wearing a suit and grey shoes

Peep-toe heels in an almost metallic shade of gray are a smart contrast against the dark-toned pantsuit.

The gray shoes pull together the patterned top and metal belt.

Dressy Outfits With Gray Shoes

Shorts And Boots Are A Snappy Look

Studio shot of a stylishly dressed young woman on grey heels

Pairing light gray ankle boots with an all-white outfit is a bold style. The neutral tone of the boots provides a slight contrast to bare legs, leaving the white top and shorts to steal the look.

Stacked-heel ankle boots with an almond-shaped toe and side zipper are chic.

Add Flair With Sexy Snake Patterned Stilettos

Young beautiful female model in white dress and snake skin shoes

The snakelike pattern in shades of gray adds texture to these stiletto platform heels. The simpler style of the lacy white dress is elevated with these trendy shoes.

Dress Up Gray Shoes With Accessories

Take advantage of shades of gray.

Go for dark grays with low pumps and a dark-colored dress.

Look for a shoe that has lighter gray embellishments to break up the dark tones overall.

Accessories like shoes and jewelry make a dressy look really pop.

Shades of gray blend beautifully together.

A Splash Of Gray Looks Sharp Against A Black Dress

As gray gets closer to a white shade, it can take on a silver hue.

Pairing a strappy light gray pump with a black dress creates a lively look.

Choose shoes that add some pizzazz but aren't distracting to the unique styling of the outfit.

Dark Gray Shoes Are Sleek

Darker shades of gray can take on other colors tones and energize an outfit.

Look for stilettos that are a deep gray with hints of blue.

The shoes will create a polished look paired with a solid white top and light gray skirt.

Casual Outfits With Gray Shoes

Funky Booties Are Flirty

Mature woman wearing pink pants, grey shoes and grey blazer

Cutouts and metal grommets add some funk to the silvery gray booties.

The texture and the gray hue of these shoes pick up on the shades of gray on the whimsical pattern of the pants.

Overall the boots anchor this flirty style of mixed tones.

Hightop Sneakers Are Always In Style

Beautiful young woman in a club-like scene wearing grey high top sneakers

Even the most casual outfit needs a balancing color like gray.

These light gray hightop sneakers finish the look without distracting from the brightly colored tank tops and denim shorts.

Bright Colors Make A Statement

Mature woman in green wool skirt, knitted sweater and grey shoes with yellow shoulder bag

Contrasting colors need to support each other.

A brilliant green skirt is toned down with a soft gray colored sweater.

Low-heel booties are the highlight of this look, though.

Adorned with silver studs, the almost metallic-like shade of gray booties give this outfit gets another layer of color and texture without being too busy.

Playful And Bold

Gray sneakers soften the boldness of bright yellow in this look.

While the sneakers are casual and playful, the light gray hue is what adds some calmness and casualness to this style.

And it's always a smart idea to match shoes and other accessories like a bag.

Shoes and bags are made for each other.

Matching these accessories creates a polished look. For more ideas on accessorizing with a bag, check out our post 37 Types of Bags for Women.

Shades of Gray

From a dramatic dark gray stiletto to an illuminating light gray bootie, gray shoes are anything but boring.

A shade of gray is a fantastic way to elevate almost any outfit.

We love this look of Aubrey Plaza decked out in a gray dress with gray booties.

The next time you are wondering what to wear with your gray shoes, we hope this post comes to mind.

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