Should You Wear Nail Polish To An Interview? [And What Color To Choose]

Preparing for a job interview can be quite challenging. You want to look like you're at the top of your game, and that means putting together the perfect outfit, shoes, and makeup. But what about your nails? Should you even wear nail polish to a job interview, and if so, what are the best colors to finish off your professional appearance? If you are mulling over this question pre-interview, stop stressing because we have compiled the information you need to pick the perfect polish!

Nail polish can absolutely be worn to a job interview. According to style experts, the key to professional-looking polish has everything to do with the color you choose. The type of job you are interviewing for should also factor into your color choice.

Polishing your nails for a job interview shouldn't take up too much of your time and energy. To find out the absolute best nail colors to wear to your interview, keep scrolling and get ready to shine!

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Nail Polish Etiquette For Interviews

So now that you know that nail polish can be worn to a job interview, the question of what color remains.

Most experts agree that your nails shouldn't be too loud when you're interviewing with a prospective employer. Keeping things simple is key which means that subtle shades are probably your best bet.  You will also want to avoid anything flashy or glittery and any type of nail art when you are going to a job interview.

That being said, something else to consider is the type of job for which you are interviewing. If the job is in a very conservative law office, then the more toned down your nail polish is the better.

However, if the interview is for a job in a hip boutique or something in the fashion industry, you will probably be able to pull off a bolder shade. Making sure that you know your audience prior to your interview is key.

What Color Should My Nails Be For An Interview?

Even though it is recommended that you play it safe at an interview, there are still many colors to choose from so that your nails get a little bit of pizazz. Here is the list we have compiled of the best nail polish colors for job interviews.


Beautiful manicured woman's nails with cream nail

You can't go wrong with clear nail polish. This barely-there color will give your nails a little shine and keep you looking polished and professional.

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Although not quite as translucent as clear, beige nail polish still keeps things on the muted side but with a little bit of neutral color. Beige also goes perfectly with any outfit you choose to wear.

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Light Pink

Light pink is always a favorite because even though it's understated, it's still really pretty, and since light pink is the color of fingernails, it looks natural. Not only that, light pink basically matches everything so you won't have to worry about clashing colors.

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Mature woman showing off her new warm red manicure and dark grey wool sweater

Although it's a little unconventional, some stylists say that red nail polish is ok to wear to an interview. Red is a classic nail polish color, and if you are wearing a conservative outfit to the interview, a lovely red polish might just give you the bit of color that you need.

Is It OK To Wear Dark Nail Polish To An Interview?

Makeup and manicure.

The popular consensus regarding nails and job interviews is that less is more, but here are some scenarios when it's perfectly acceptable to wear dark nail polish.

Type Of Job

First, you need to ask yourself if this is the type of job where a deep red or burgundy would be appropriate. As mentioned previously, a very conservative office environment or a job in the medical field might not be the best place for dark-colored nails. However, if the job is in a more laid-back or trendy atmosphere, then you can totally pull it off.

Dark Color Choices

So what are some good dark colors for interviews? Plums, burgundies, reds, and greys all get top marks when it comes to interviewing.

Again, make sure that the job you are interviewing for isn't too subdued, and if you're in doubt, you might just want to go with something a little more on the safe side. After all, your nails are an important part of your overall appearance and might factor into whether or not you get the job.

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Are Long Nails Unprofessional?

Young beautiful woman posing for camera downtown

The consensus among interviewers is that long nails look unprofessional. Keep your nails trimmed to just past the tips of your fingers for a presentable, businesslike appearance.

This is especially important if the job you are applying for involves typing. You don't want to lose out on a job because your potential boss is worried your long, fake nails will prevent you from typing properly!

If the interview is for a job that is hipper and not so conservative, then you'll probably be able to bend those rules a bit with longer, more stylish nails.

What Shape Should Nails Be?

As far as the shape of your nails, you can't go wrong with a classic oval shape. Again, your nails—and their shape—should be on the conservative side for interviews and not overly trendy.

What Chipped Nail Polish Says About You

When you finally decide on the perfect nail color for your important interview, you definitely want to make sure that your polish is not chipped for your big day. Chipped nails are a definite no-no at a job interview.

If your nails are chipped, it indicates that you haven't taken the time to look your best for your interview. A sloppy appearance can make or break your chances for the job.

If you go to an interview with chipped nails, chances are that your potential employer will view them as sloppy and think that you didn't care enough to make your nails presentable.

In addition to that, chipped nails are indicative of a busy lifestyle. If a potential boss thinks you are too busy to attend to your nails, they might wonder if you are going to have the time to do the job to their standards.

How To Avoid Chipped Nails

One of the easiest ways to avoid having chipped nail polish is to go with a clear polish. It's extremely low maintenance because when it chips, no one can really tell.

Another simple way to avoid chipped nails is to use a topcoat. Using a top coat over your nail polish will help keep the polish from chipping.

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In Closing

Woman with groomed hands with nude beige pink nail design holding cup

When you're trying to decide which nail polish to wear for a job interview, remember to keep it understated. You can't go wrong with clear, light pink, or beige.

And if you are interviewing for a job that's not too conservative, you can opt for something a little bolder like red or burgundy. As surprising as it might seem, your nails can make all the difference when it comes to achieving a completely polished and sophisticated look.

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