Can You Wear Tights With A Midi Skirt?

If you love your favorite midi skirts for spring and summer, you may be wondering how you can wear them during colder weather. We've done the research and have some fabulous ideas for how you can style your midi skirts with tights to stay warm and stylish.

You can definitely wear tights with midi skirts. Here are some great options for styling your midi skirts for winter with tights: 

  • Match your tights to your shoes
  • Wear skin-tone tights
  • Choose contrasting tights
  • Hide your tights under tall boots

There are a ton of options for wearing tights with your midi skirt. Read on to find out more details and learn more ways to style your favorite midi skirts for fall and winter.

Attractive girl with curly blond hair, in a light coat and a warm sweater against the background of urban architecture, Can You Wear Tights With A Midi Skirt?

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Four Methods For Styling Your Midi Skirts With Tights

Match Your Tights to Your Shoes

Black is an obvious choice for matching your tights to your shoes, but it can work for other colors as well. In addition to providing a winter look, wearing tights the same color as your shoes makes your legs look longer. That's never a bad idea.

This look works with heels, booties, and boots. You can choose a color that matches your midi skirt if your midi skirt is a solid color. However, if your skirt isn't a solid color, you can pick out a color for your tights and shoes that coordinates with it.

Wear Skin-Tone Tights

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For chilly late summer or early autumn days when you need some warmth but want to hold off on fully embracing a winter look, skin-tone tights can be just the thing. This is also a great option if you don't have colored tights that work with your midi skirt.

Skin-tone tights provide a great neutral when your midi skirt has a bold print or pattern. If your makeup and the rest of your outfit is dramatic, skin-tone tights can almost disappear instead of competing for attention. Tights that blend in are a classic option for a professional look.

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Choose Contrasting Tights

Brighten up your midi skirt for winter by choosing bold, contrasting tights. You can wear almost any bright color if the rest of your outfit is muted. In this case, the mustard yellow pairs fantastically with the grays and browns of her outfit. It works particularly well since yellow and purple are on opposite sides of the color wheel.

When you're choosing an eye-popping color for your tights, you'll have great results by either choosing complementary or analogous colors. Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel, such as purple and yellow, green and red, and blue and orange.

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Complementary colors provide a lot of pop and contrast. If you're going for a more sedated look, you may want to go with analogous colors, which are beside each other on the color wheel. These color combinations include combinations such as red and orange, and blue and green.

Hide Your Tights Under Tall Boots

For occasions where you don't want the focus on your tights, you can wear them under tall boots. Your midi skirt and tall boots will hide your tights. You'll be able to keep warm without revealing that your tights clash with your outfit.

Ideally, your boots will come up a few inches higher than your skirt. Boots that hit just below the knee will work perfectly for most midi skirts. You can play with combinations of your boots and midi skirt the same way you can with your tights and midi skirt.

If your midi skirt is simple, try a pair of more elaborate boots, perhaps something with buckles or a fun color. If your midi skirt is more elaborate, pick boots that are understated, such as a pair of brown or black suede ones. On rainy or snowy days, you can have fun with a bright pair of rain boots.

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How Do You Wear Midi Skirts in the Winter?

Attractive girl with curly blond hair, in a light coat and a warm sweater against the background of urban architecture, Can You Wear Tights With A Midi Skirt?

The key to wearing midi skirts in the winter is staying warm. Besides tights, thigh-high socks are another good option for layering under midi skirts. You can also wear leggings under midi skirts if you don't like tights and don't want to be constantly tugging up thigh-high socks.

A long coat can add an insulating layer over a thin midi skirt. A fit and flare coat is an ideal companion for a midi skirt. Avoid coats that are too straight, such as fitted puffer coats. They can interrupt the line of your midi skirt and look awkward.

Midi skirts can also look great with short jackets and fluffy sweaters. You can dress your skirt down with a denim jacket or up with a cropped cashmere sweater.

How Do You Style Skirts and Tights?

The rules for styling skirts with tights fall in line with other fashion rules. In general, you want to avoid patterns that clash. Polka dotted or striped tights can be a fun focal point for your outfit, but if you pair them with a busy skirt pattern, it may be overwhelming.

Chose one or two statment items for your outfit. It's best if they aren't side by side. You may pick a big, funky necklace and some tights with a wild pattern. If so, you'll want the rest of your outfit to be either solid or neutral colors. Let your one or two focal points stand out without competition from the other pieces you're wearing.

What Shoes Do You Wear with a Midi Dress in the Winter?

Midi skirts and dresses are extremely versatile. You can wear almost any type of shoe with them. Pumps give you a classic look. If you're headed to a fancy party, a pair of stilletto heels will dress up your outfit. A midi dress also looks great with casual shoes like ballet flats.

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Midi skirts aren't just for dressing up, though. By wearing a pair of clunky boots, you can pull off an edgy look with a midi skirt. For a more elegant look, you can go with riding boots or ankle booties.

Is it Okay to Wear Tights in the Summer?

It's perfectly fine to wear tights in the summer as long as you avoid a heavy winter look. Instead of dark tights, go with light colors. If you're shivering through the summer in a cold office, choose thick tights in summer colors. They will keep you warm without ruining your look.

Another option for wearing tights during the summer is sheer tights. Even darker colors can have a summer look if you choose sheer tights. If you're trying to sport the bare-leg look, choose skin-tone color sheer tights.

In Closing

Midi skirts and dresses can be some of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. You can wear them year-round by changing how you style them and wearing different accessories. By choosing pieces that are appropriate for the weather and coordinate with your style, you can wear your midi skirts and dresses for almost any event in almost any type of weather.

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