Hairspray can cause color fading. Generally, hairspray won't cause fading in natural hair color but can damage color-treated hair. Hairspray often contains chemicals that interfere with semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes, so you might want to take it easy if you have color-treated hair.

Why Does Hair Color Fade?

When it comes to why hair color fades, overwashing and harsh products are usually to blame. Between the two, hair washing has a greater effect on color-treated hair, often leading to severe color fading. Every time you wash your hair using shampoo, you essentially risk stripping it of its color. This happens because shampoo causes hair to swell, causing dyes and other products to separate and release from your hair.


Can You Use Hairspray After Dying Your Hair?

If you just dyed your hair and want to style it using hairspray, wait about a week or so. Typically, newly colored hair is very sensitive to chemicals and styling products, so it's best to give your hair a break. Although you might want a little boost or shape, using hairspray too soon can open up your hair's cuticles, leading to color fading.

Why Does Hair Color Fade?

Keeping your dyed hair from fading comes down to using good products and not washing too often. Most importantly, make sure only to use shampoos and conditioners that are free of sulfates and parabens.

Another way to keep your color is to wash your hair less often and regularly use hair masks. Healthy hair tends to hold color better than dry, damaged hair, so don't be afraid to deep condition once a week.

How Often Should You Wash Color-Treated Hair?

To keep your hair color looking better for longer, we recommend only washing your hair twice per week. Between washes, we think a dry shampoo or powder is a good way to keep your hair's color intact while still keeping it looking fresh. Regardless of your hair's texture or color, less washing and better products will keep its color more vibrant.