Leather pants that are made from genuine leather can last over 10 years when taken care of correctly. Synthetic leather pants will typically last two to five years.






leggings are much cheaper than genuine leggings. Though, with normal wear, they typically last from two to five years.

is known for its comfort, but even genuine leather comes in different quality, which can denote how long your pants will last.





Are Leather Pants Durable?



Leather has been used to make clothes and furniture for centuries because of its durability. Fortunately, both faux leather and genuine leather are durable, so you can't go wrong with either one. However, genuine leather is more durable than faux leather and will last longer.

Can You Alter Leather Pants By Yourself?

One tailor explains that leather pants can be altered by yourself with the right equipment, but if you're in doubt, it's always best to ask a professional. While the price to alter leather pants can range from $50 to $250 depending on the work needed, a new pair of genuine leather pants will cost you much more, so it might be worth the expense.