Leather boots have long been synonymous with hard work.  Hard work isn't always clean, though - and nights on the town aren't, either.

If you scuff your boots during a long day or while out with your friends,

how can you clean your waterproof leather boots?

1. Remove The Laces

Your shoelaces may benefit from a cleaning as much as the rest of your shoe, but that doesn't mean you should lean both at once. It's in your best interest to remove your shoelaces and clean them separately from the rest of your boot.

2. Clean With A Soft Brush

Before reaching for the hot water, make sure you scrub away what dirt and grime you can with a soft brush. If your shoes have gone through the debris ringer, you should be able to clear away dried dirt and debris with little pressure.

3. Apply Water And A Boot Cleaner

If you're still struggling to clean off your boots, you can invest in a gentle boot cleaner. Boot cleaners work as soap does, but you can purchase brands that protect leather and waterproofing seals from undue harm.