How to Accessorize a Red Dress

A red dress is a statement all on its own. What accessories can you pair one with that won’t overwhelm the dress but will add a touch of personality to your look?

Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces are simple additions to any outfit. You can choose one that adds a sense of glam to your look or one that accentuates your personality. Statement necklaces are usually on the longer side and come to their conclusion with a simple pendant 

White Sneakers

These comfortable shoes set themselves apart from your traditional high heels by providing you with a bit of extra support. This look is better for a day spent on the town instead of a day spent in the office. 

A Cute Hat

What’s a better accessory than a cute hat? Whether it’s a black baseball cap or a fancy beret, you’ll set off any red dress with a clever pop of color. Make sure your hat matches the mood before you put it on, though. 

Black Heels

More often than not, a pair of black heels will go unnoticed compared to any other accessories you’ve chosen to punctuate your clothing with. 

Matching Shoes

A matching pair of red shoes run the risk of blending in with the rest of your outfit, but they’ll carry the color throughout the whole of your outfit.