Despite the crowd of fans in Paris, Angelina Jolie took time to sign autographs for her devotees. Surrounded by her enthusiastic followers, she appeared to be in high spirits 

Dior Handbag 

She accessorized with a beautiful Dior handbag in latte lambskin with gold accents and Cannage embroidery all over. 


She concealed her eyes with a pair of big sunglasses and wore a bronzed makeup pallet. 

Stiletto Shoe 

The actress wore a stylish pair of black heels to increase her height. The pair of black stiletto shoes she wore had a sharp toe and a heel that measured at least three inches.  

Angelina Jolie's Fashion Preference 

Generally, Jolie prefers a simple approach to fashion. She used to like daring, attention-grabbing ensembles, but these days she prefers muted or neutral colors like black, gray, brown, and white 

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Christian Louboutin and Salvatore Ferragamo heels and open-toed sandals are staples of Jolie's red-carpet wardrobe. 

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Celebrities need stylish outfits, and Jolie always wore impressive ones. 

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