Can You Put Body Glitter In Your Hair?

Body glitter can be used in your hair, so go ahead and sparkle! For best results, you should check the packaging. Body glitter, or cosmetic glitter, will often list whether it can be used in your hair or not. However, most glitters will be fine! 

Body Glitter For Your Hair

Body glitter comes in different forms. Whether or not you can apply it to your hair generally depends on the type of body glitter you have. Body glitter comes in both gel and loose form.  

Can you use normal glitter on hair?

Normal glitter can be used on your hair. However, you should not use it as a substitute for body glitter. 

Normal glitter is sometimes made from sharp, harmful plastics that can irritate your eyes and be dangerous if accidentally consumed. This is why it is important to buy cosmetic-grade glitter. If you want to apply glitter to other parts of your body in addition to your hair, cosmetic glitter is the way to go. 

How do you make body glitter gel?