What Color Lipstick Goes With White Hair? 

Deciding what color lipstick to wear with your hair can be tricky sometimes. Do you want to try something new but don't know what colors go well with white hair? Don't fret; we've done the work to help you find the best colors.

Lipstick Ideas For White Hair

The great thing about having white hair is that it works as a blank slate for your makeup, which allows for plenty of creativity. 


First, we have a dramatic red lipstick idea for white hair that we love. Red lips are perfect for a night out and will help bring attention to your face. 


Whether you want to try a softer shade or something that pops like this, we think pink in general is a great color to wear if your hair is white. 


Another lipstick idea we have for white hair is a soft nude look similar to this. Nude, in general, is perfect for everyday makeup and will complement white hair nicely. 

What Makeup Styles Look Good With White Hair?