Do Skinny Jeans Make You Look Taller Or Shorter?

Skinny jeans will make you look taller rather than shorter. Although your skinny jeans won't add actual height to you, they will create the illusion that your legs are longer than they are. 

How Do Skinny Jeans Make You Look Taller?

Compared to other styles, skinny jeans have a much tighter, form-fitting material that adjusts exactly to your body's shape. 

Do Tighter Fitting Pants Make You Look Taller?

Regardless of what type of skinny pants you have on, make sure they fit well in the waist and aren't too saggy towards your feet. 

What Jeans Are Best For Short Legs?

Whether you love a 90s look or prefer something more current, these are some options to try. We recommend high-waisted skinny jeans out of this group because they help with slimming legs as well as keeping your tummy in check 

What Jeans Make You Look Shorter?