How Long Does Liquid Eyeliner Last?

So, how long does liquid eyeliner last? The answer is that liquid eyeliner lasts three to six months. However, there is some debate as to whether or not six months is too long. Liquid eyeliner can store a lot of germs that are harmful to your eyes and your skin. 

Liquid eyeliner is said to be able to last about three to six months. However, it is best to replace it every three months or as soon as it dries out. This is the best time frame to keep your makeup sanitary and safe for your body. 

Does Liquid Eyeliner Expire?

Usually, on makeup, there is something called the open jar symbol that is located somewhere on the package and should have a number of months it is suggested to have it open before replacing it. Liquid eyeliner has an open jar timeframe of about three months. 

How Long Does Liquid Eyeliner Last Unopened?

Liquid eyeliner has no steadfast rule as to how long it can be stored unopened, neither do most other makeup products). However, the suggested storage time is about six months to one year. Usually, you won’t know if it is still good to use until it is opened.  

How Often Should You Replace Liquid Eyeliner?

It is best to replace your liquid eyeliner every three months. Some people believe that you can stretch it for six months; however, the quality will decline before that time. The eyeliner will not apply as evenly as it did initially, and it will not be a smooth finished product on your eyes.