How To Keep Hairspray From Clogging

As frustrating as a clogged hairspray container might be, there are some tricks to keep your hairspray nozzle in tip-top shape and clog-free. 

The best ways to keep hairspray from clogging are: Wipe off the nozzle Run it under water Use petroleum jelly on it

How To Prevent Hairspray From Clogging?

The key to preventing clogs is to avoid leaving any excess hairspray on the nozzle. If any excess remains, it dries up and clogs the nozzle. 

Why Won't My Aerosol Can Spray?

Hairspray cans tend to clog up over time, and according to the experts, the reason is because of the resins in your hairspray. Apparently, they dry up when you aren't using your hairspray, and that causes clogs in the nozzle. 

Another reason why your aerosol can might not spray could be that it's at the end of the bottle, and there isn't enough left to come out. One other possibility is that the hairspray is just old and beyond any type of help. 

How Do You Fix An Aerosol Hairspray Can That Won't Spray?