What Nail Color Goes With A Pink Dress?

When choosing a polish specifically for a dress, there must be harmony between the colors. We have compiled a list of perfect nail colors to go with your pink dress. 


First, black is a nail color that goes great with darker pinks. With a light pink dress, the contrast may be too intense for the look you are aiming for. 


Next, if you'd like some more color, royal blue is a popular option. With deeper pinks, blues give a bold pop of color. It does not distract from your dress, but it will most definitely be noticed!


Going for a pink polish will give you a monochromatic look. You can either match your nails and dress perfectly or go for a pink that is a shade darker than your dress.


Lastly, metallic polishes are a way to add some glam to your look. Gold and silver are classic metallic colors and can turn your manicure into your statement accessory. Rose gold is a fabulous color to go with pink because of its rosy undertones.

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