What Nail Polish Color Means You're Single?

The nail polish color you choose can say a lot about your personality and your life. For example, your nail color can tell others whether you are single or taken, closed off or open.  

After a significant amount of research, the answer has been found to the question of what nail polish color means you are single. 

White nail polish is said to mean you are single. White is the decided color to show you are ready for a new beginning and that you are a blank slate. Many women will paint their nails white to show off that they are prepared for a relationship. 

What All Can White Nail Polish Symbolize?

As stated before, white nails can mean that you are single, but the color white, specifically on nails, can mean much more than your relationship status. The color white symbolizes innocence. White creates freshness and purity, loyalty, and peace. Choosing white nails can show off your mature personality, along with looking clean and bright and styling with any outfit perfectly. 

What Do Neutral Toned Nail Polishes Symbolize?

Nude-colored nails are often associated with weddings and events like that. It is an extremely popular color choice for manicures before the big day. Also, many professional women will choose nude painted nails to best suit their job's standards. Nude nails show off professionalism, simplicity, and maturity

Multiple Color Option

A fairly large trend currently is to choose multiple colors for one manicure. There are two main ways to do this. 

The first way to complete this manicure trend is to choose two colors that look good together. After choosing two colors, you will usually pick one or two nails from each hand for the first color. Then you will need to paint the rest of your nails the second color. For example, a black manicure with two grey nails, either ring or middle finger. 

The second way to complete this trend is to choose a different polish color for each nail. This is especially popular in the fall. For example, you could find colors ranging from white to dark brown. Then starting at either the thumb of both hands or the pinky, work your way from white to dark brown based upon shade. 

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