Do People Treat You Differently Based On Your Hair Color?

This Woman Shares Her Shocking Experiences

"Men Treated Me Differently Depending On My Hair Color"

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Sabrina Sallum is well-versed in hair transformations, having tried almost every hair color imaginable. From classic shades like black, brown, blonde, and ginger to edgier colors like blue, pink, and crimson red.

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"I Got The Most Attention As A Blonde."

In her viral TikTok video, she reveals that she receives the most male attention when she's blonde, and men seem solely fixated on her hair color. Additionally, men she's dated became so attached to her blonde hair that they would get upset when she wanted to go back to her natural color.

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Dr. Piotr Sorokowski's research suggests that men may find blonde hair attractive due to its association with youthfulness. Swami and Berrett propose that men perceive blondes as more approachable, increasing their chances of being noticed.

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The Odd Reactions To Fashionable Colors

"Most guys would only look past me when I had red hair," she says, "but there's always that one guy that would be like, 'oh, I love red hair!'"

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"I'd Rather Have A Man Love Me For Who I am"

After reverting to her natural brown hair, she noticed a decrease in the attention she received. Nevertheless, she's content with this change since she prefers to be appreciated for who she is as an individual, rather than simply being grouped into a category.

Sabrina's story highlights how changing one's hair color can have a profound impact on social life, influencing how others perceive and treat us. It emphasizes the significance of embracing our individuality and breaking free from societal expectations, even in something as seemingly trivial as hair color. Therefore, let us celebrate our authentic selves, whether through bold hair colors or classic hues, and harness the power of self-expression.