Should Guys Wear Nail Polish?

Men wearing nail polish is not a new trend and has been practiced for thousands of years in China, Babylonia, and Egypt, according to experts.

The Best Colors For Guys

In case you're a guy or know someone, who wants to try nail polish but needs inspiration, we can assist in selecting the perfect shade to start your journey.


Nude nail polish is an ideal option for men due to its neutral and unobtrusive nature. It complements any outfit, and if you prefer subtle tones, nude is the perfect choice.


Throughout history, black nail polish has been the preferred color for men who wear nail polish. While often linked with goth culture, black polish creates a bold and striking look, and is also a practical choice since it matches well with almost anything


Red is an intense and passionate color that usually captures attention when worn by women, but the same applies to men, as it is also a striking choice.


Blue nail polish is a bold and unique style, particularly for men. Regardless of whether you go for a light or dark shade, blue nails will undoubtedly make a statement, indicating that the wearer is not afraid to take fashion risks.


Similar to other neutral tones, white complements well with any outfit. Additionally, white nail polish imparts a sleek and refined appearance.


Yellow nail polish provides a pleasant radiance to the nails, and its attention-grabbing quality is not overbearing or excessively dramatic. Yellow nails exude a lively and cheerful demeanor, likely to brighten your mood.


Green is a bold color that commands attention. While not as frequently chosen as red or blue, men can create a striking impact by wearing a deep green hue on their nails.


Even with a subtle shine, you can achieve a well-manicured appearance. The outcome will be modest yet appealing, making it a perfect polish choice for professional settings.

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