TikTok Is Killing Personal Style - What You Can Learn From The Devil Wears Prada

By Michaela Doe

July 22, 2020

Do You Like It, Or Did Tiktok Tell You To Like It?

Tiktok is a style playground with endless inspiration, but its influence on purchasing decisions can be overwhelming.

Why Tiktok Is An Issue

Don't fall into the trap of comparing your style to others or buying unnecessary fashion items labeled as "must-haves."

A Look Into “The Devil Wears Prada” and "Emily in Paris”

Back in the day, people didn't have access to Shein, speedy delivery, or influencer affiliate links. Although not always perfect, they put together outfits that represented their individuality. In "The Devil Wears Prada," Andy's fashion sense evolved alongside her personal growth within the industry. As she started dressing better, it remained a true reflection of herself.

Alarm Clock

Emily's outfits are excessive but don't reflect her personality or interest in fashion. With Tiktok's pressure on aesthetics and restrictions, fashion fatigue is common. Dressing for personal satisfaction can be liberating.

Things You Can Do To Embrace Your Style (Getting Beyond Tiktok)

First things first: get to know yourself.

Take some time to reflect on your personality, values, and interests. What do you like and dislike?

Next up: experiment.

Maybe you like the silhouettes of one style, but the color and accessories of another. You can also expand your reach by taking notes from top designers and stylists.

Slow down on the trends.

If you feel like buying something, think over it for a day or two. It's best to invest in things that will last you for longer. If a trend passes on too quickly, then it’s probably not worth it! It’s better to invest in quality.

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