Top 10 Handbag Brands Every Fashion Fan Should Know

What are the top ten handbag brands out there these days? You know what you like, but what do other people love? 

Coach Bags

Nowadays, Coach Bags are synonymous with quality leather craftsmanship with an eye toward simplicity in design. They fill a niche in between high-end designer bags and lower quality knock-offs. 

Tory Burch Handbag

This female-led company works to inspire women entrepreneurs and business leaders by providing a model of family-first and working to embrace global ambition. Their Foundation works to advance female entrepreneurship. Their handbags feature bright colors and the iconic double T logo. 

Michael Kors Handbag

Michael Kors is a world-renowned name brand for luxury clothing and accessories. His company started in 1981 and rapidly expanded to encompass a vast array of products for both men and women. 

Vera Bradley Bags

Vera Bradley is an American luggage and handbag design company, founded in 1982 by Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller. Its original luxury cotton bag product lines have expanded to include fashion and home accessories, office supplies, and patterned gifts. 

Kate Spade Bags

Kate Spade launched in 1993 with what they called "six essential handbags," going for a look that they describe as "optimistic femininity." Much loved by collectors, Kate Spade purses are both beautiful and understated. The brand often uses bright colors in their designs.