What Color Lipstick Goes With A Purple Dress?

It can often be difficult trying to pair your lipstick with an outfit, so if you're wondering what color lipstick to pair with your purple dress, you've come to the right place. We've scoured the internet for the best colors and have some options for you. 

You might feel a bit limited, but all of those options come in different shades, leaving you with lots of colors to choose from. 

Nude isn't an exact color. It can be subtle pinks or beiges. Try to find a nude color that is close to the color of your lips. It works well with purple dresses because purple is already a bold color, and if you know you'd like dramatic eye makeup, it can help create a break between your dress and your eyes.


Some nudes can also be placed in the pink category. So, as with nudes, for a more natural look, choose a pink similar to your lip color. Don't go too light if you have a fair complexion because it can leave you looking washed out. 


Try to choose a purple that is the same shade as your dress. Try to match it as much as possible. If you can, take a swatch of your dress with you when you choose your lipstick. 


Should Your Lipstick Match Your Dress?

Your lipstick can match your dress, but it doesn't have to. Matching your lipstick to your dress can be difficult. It needs to be an almost exact match to achieve the best look. It's much simpler to choose a lipstick color that will go with most outfit colors. 

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