The Secret to a Stunning Style Transformation:


Find Your Aesthetic

This part takes the most self-reflection. Really think about the kind of look that most resonates with you. You don't have to stick to one, but having an aesthetic in mind helps narrow things down!

Know Your Body Type

There are a lot of body typing systems out there. The most well-known are the "Fruit Shapes" like apple, pear, and banana. To be honest, we find these labels a little too trivial.

Study Color Analysis

Color analysis is one of the toughest things to get the hang of. But once you do, it's life-changing. Basically, every person has their own "color palette" so to speak.

Study Color Analysis

It takes time to build a wardrobe, and there are infinite possibilities for you to try out. Have fun in your style journey, and use all the tools you can in finding what suits you best!