Gold and Rose Gold




Creams and whites tend to serve as everyday pieces in the world of fashion. These pieces rarely contrast with the materials you have in your wardrobe. When contrasted with burgundy, whites and creams tend to emphasize the color's depth.

Much like whites and creams, browns and blacks are closet staples. There's rarely an outfit that doesn't look good with a black strappy shoe. Similarly, brown sandals compliment burgundy's darker tones and lend an earthy feel to your outfits.

Gold jewelry and shoes are special occasion workhorses. The metallic shine of these accessories makes them stand out against your everyday outfits. Rose gold accessories take this effect a step further. These accessories tend to integrate a subtle red shade into their overall look.

There is no pair like burgundy and forest green. Both of these colors are powerful, but they work well with one another. Instead of leaving you looking as though you've stepped out of a December catalog, you can use the contrast found in these colors to build a rich tapestry of shades.

Blue and red contrast one another beautifully. The same can be said for most blues and burgundy. Even though burgundy is a deeper and darker shade of red, teals, navies, and malibus tend to add the right amount of pop to your look.

What Does The Color Burgundy Represent?

The color burgundy oozes sophistication. According to modern color theory, burgundy clothes tend to give a wearer a sense of individualism, energy, and power. In many cases, stylists consider burgundy to be less abrasive than redder or oranger alternatives. Even trading out a red pair of shoes or earrings for a burgundy alternative can simultaneously mute and reinvigorate your outfit of choice.

What Shoes Go With a Burgundy Outfit?

When it comes to finding the best shoes to go with your burgundy, you need to match your personal style to burgundy's best colors. These colors can include: - Gold - White - Cream - Brown - Blue