What Color Accessories To Wear With A Blue Dress

You've found the perfect blue dress,  it fits just right, and it is the exact style you wanted. But, now you are unsure of what accessories you should wear with it.

We've researched which color accessories you should wear with your blue dress and have some suggestions for you! wear with it.


Try accessorizing with different silver jewelry pieces, or throw on a glitzy pair of silver pumps for a classy look of elegance and style.


Authentic gold accessories might be more pricey, and their faux counterparts aren't always the highest quality, so if you want jewelry that will last and resist the elements, you may have to drop a penny or two. Gold has always been a statement of wealth.


Yellow is a fun way to add some sunshine to an outfit. It often signifies happiness and positivity. While this example showcases a bold, bright yellow, other shades like mustard can also work.


With some shades of green and blue, you might find the two clash, so you have to be careful when opting for green accessories, but it can be done!


Try pairing your blue dress with pink accessories for a fun and feminine look. Lighter pinks will soften your look, while bold, bright pinks can help make you stand out.


Try pairing different shades of blue together. You can create contrast in your outfit by pairing light blue accessories with a dark blue dress and vice versa.


As you can see, it doesn't matter whether your dress is dark or light blue; red can go well with any shade.


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