Denim is a wardrobe staple that's been around for years. It's a classic that works in a variety of styles. Pair it with neutrals like black, gray, or white. Set it off with a bright, warm color like yellow, orange, or red. Or, put denim with more denim and try your own "Canadian Tuxedo."

Because denim is considered a neutral color itself, it works well with other neutrals. A simple black, white, or gray shirt underneath is all you need for a simple, low-key style. You can even try various shades of brown, like tan or beige

Blue Denim With Neutral Colors

Bold color can really set off denim. For dark denim, pick a color that really pops out: a bright red or orange, for example. With mid-range shades, set the denim off against a darker, richer hue such as maroon. Light shades of denim look great with soft warm colors like pink or peach.

Blue Denim With Warm Colors

Use earth tones in similar but varying shades with a brown denim jacket. Make sure to add some contrast between shades. Pair a dark brown jacket with light tan pants.

Brown Denim

Black works well with neutrals, especially white and gray. Or, try eye-catching, bold statement colors. Stick mostly to primary colors—colors that are rich and complex may start to look oversaturated against black.

Black Denim

White looks good against softer warm colors, like peach or pink. Here, you can pick more complex colors, however. Since white doesn't have the same "heaviness" that black does, you can use more complicated shades. Don't be afraid to try an emerald green or periwinkle blue.

White Denim

How Should A Jean Jacket Fit?

There are a variety of styles for modern denim jackets. But if you're going for the classic look, it's important to get the right fit. It's a sleek, streamlined style. If the jacket is too snug (or not snug enough), everything seems off.

What Are The Different Ways To Style A Denim Jacket?

There are lots of possibilities for outfits featuring a denim jacket. The look has been around for decades, so it's found a home in a lot of different fashions.

Pair With A Skirt

This makes the overall appearance a little more dressy, without becoming too formal. It's still laid-back, with a hint of class. In particular, try an A-line skirt or something loose and flowing, to send those "relaxed" vibes.

With Other Staples

To celebrate the timelessness of a good denim jacket, pair it with other eternal wardrobe staples. Wear it over a simple little black dress, or a white shirt and black pants.