From The Screen To The Runway: Wednesday Addams’ Legacy Of Style And Substance

NEWS - Wednesday Addams, the beloved daughter of the Addams Family, has become a fashion icon in her own right.

Jenna Ortega portrayed the persona of Wednesday Addams on the massive hit Netflix series Wednesday, released in November 2022.

Jenna Ortega portrayed the persona of Wednesday Addams

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The brooding teen with incredible psychic abilities and unconventional dance moves has won over fans of all ages and captured their hearts.

Her distinctive Gothic chic style has also undeniably caught everyone's attention.

This adorable oddball has become so popular that Wednesday-inspired outfits have become a global phenomenon, and fashion enthusiasts like @tamaradai on TikTok have recreated her fashion.

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What does it take to recreate Wednesday's style? Where did it originate? And why are people so drawn to her?

Wednesday Addams Is A Style Icon For Gothic Chic

Wednesday Addams takes Gothic chic to a whole new level, but what is Gothic chic?

Gothic fashion became popular in the 80s. But, the beginnings of the term Goth can be traced back to the 60s with the rise of multiple Gothic bands.

Dancing woman with pigtails in a gothic style

The Goth subculture developed from a fascination with the mysterious and romantic elements of Victorian and Edwardian literature, fashion, and music. Since then, Gothic style has made its mark on the fashion industry - from haute couture to streetwear.

Present-day Gothic chic draws inspiration from the Goth subculture with elements of darkness and individuality. It's often expressed by wearing black or dark clothing and accessories with Victorian or Edwardian-inspired style.

Wednesday Addams has become a standout icon for Gothic chic with her pale complexion, signature pigtails, and black collared dresses.

She is also celebrated for her independent spirit and commitment to embracing the qualities that make her unique.

The Phenomenal Success of Wednesday Addams: Why Women are Drawn to Her Style

Ever since Tim Burton's series rolled out last year, it gained traction and has become the second most-watched English language series on Netflix.

One only has to log in on social media to encounter at least one post about Wednesday. People love the "child full of woe!"

And why is this? Wednesday's charms go beyond her quirky personality and sarcastic wit, resonating with her audience.

Wednesday addams dancing scene

We'll cover the reasons that we think women of all ages are drawn to her and recreate her style.

The Significance of Black in Wednesday's Wardrobe: An Expression of Empowerment

An attractive brunette girl in a neat black dress stands in the night in a dark gloomy castle

Wednesday is drawn to all things black and has an aversion to color. So, it's evident why she opted for a black version of her uniform when everyone else was wearing blue.

In psychology, the color black represents mystery. It also represents self-control, determination, and independence.

Wednesday's black ensembles are empowering and allow the expression of her individuality boldly and uniquely.

The Timeless Charm of Wednesday's Classic Outfit: A Nonconformist Statement

The signature collared, white shirt paired with a black dress she perpetually wears is a timeless look that exudes confidence.

The outfit speaks to Wednesday's nonconformist spirit, as she refuses to be swayed by the latest fashion trends.

And when did black dresses ever fall out of style? Fashion designers say that women need at least one classic black dress.

Well, Wednesday wears one almost every day, and she looks good in it every time.

Fashion Freedom: Wednesday's Versatile and Seasonless Wardrobe

Wednesday's wardrobe has versatile pieces that can easily be mixed and matched.

Yes, she may have a monochromatic wardrobe, but that's essentially the color palette that offers a variety of styles.

Her black and white staples are seasonless clothing that can be styled up or down. And all these go well with her high lace-up boots!

The Attitude of Individualism: Wednesday's Unconventional Fashion Choices

Wednesday is seen wearing the same outfits repeatedly (OMG)! This certainly goes against the norm of the fashion world!

But, by doing so, she's sending a message that she's comfortable in her own skin.

She's clearly saying that she doesn't follow the rules and wears what she wants, showing her individualistic attitude.

Staple Pieces of Wednesday Addams' Wardrobe

When dressing up as Wednesday, staying true to her confident nonconformist style is essential. Let's take a look at key pieces from her wardrobe.

The Wednesday Dress

The black dress with a minimal print featuring a large white collar has become synonymous with Wednesday Addams style, and no one wears it better than her. The dress was created for her by designer Colleen Atwood.

The Leather Jacket

The cropped leather jacket by LK Bennett gives Wednesday the "don't-mess-with-me" look. It's sleek, it's chic, and it's a statement on its own.

The Checkerboard Sweater

Wednesday wears a checkerboard knit sweater from Zara under a jacket or hoodie for casual outings. This is my personal favorite. The knitwear is oversized, the print is timeless with a touch of eccentricity, and she rocks it!

The School Uniform

Black in a sea of blue. She defiantly chooses to wear it in a different color, showcasing her boldness. Fashion designer Colleen Atwood created her uniform with every stripe silkscreened on it.

The Tulle Gown

Wednesday's ball gown was the perfect embodiment of her personality. IT HAD A COLLAR! Where do you see ball gowns with collars? Who can wear a ball gown with a collar like that? Well, Wednesday Addams did it superbly!

Wednesday's iconic ball gown is from Alaïa, handpicked by designer Colleen Atwood.

Embrace Your Inner Wednesday

Women emulate Wednesday Addams not only for her fashion sense but because she represents individuality, confidence, and boldness. Her unique wardrobe is a testament to her personality and appeals to those who relate to her.

In this world of color, you can boldly choose to be a Wednesday Addams!

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