What Are Boots Made Of?

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Have you been browsing the internet looking for the perfect pair of boots to match your new outfit? Are you seeing a wide range of prices for the same style of boots and wondering why? This price variation may be caused by the materials these boots are made of. We’ve done the research and are happy to provide some in-depth information covering the basic materials of common boots and why it matters to you, the buyer.

Here is a list of the primary materials used for a variety of boots:

  • Ankle boots are usually made out of leather and suede.
  • Combat boots are typically made out of various types of leather, suede, nylon, and other synthetic materials.
  • Wellington boots are made out of rubber or polyvinyl chloride (PVC).  
  • Cowboy boots are traditionally made out of cowhide leather but can be made from other types of leather and synthetic materials. 
  • Mexican boots are usually made out of leather but are also constructed from synthetic materials. 

This is a simple overview of the primary materials used in boot construction. If you want to learn more about boot materials and why they are essential to the buyer, keep reading.

What Are Ankle Boots Made Of?

Ankle boots are simply any boot that cuts off at the ankle. They come in a wide range of styles and are the most popular fashion boot.  They can be made out of virtually any material used in shoe/boot construction.

High-quality ankle boots are made from leather and suede. Leather is more durable, and it the best choice for everyday wear. Suede ankle boots can be worn for everyday use as well, but need more upkeep to keep looking new.

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There are many ankle boots made from plastic-based synthetic materials commonly referred to as “pleather.” These boots will cost less, but the downside is they usually wear out faster.

What Are Combat Boots Made Of?

Authentic combat boots are designed to be worn by soldiers, but the style has been replicated in the fashion market to become a commonly owned boot. Traditionally, these boots were constructed from waterproofed hardened leather with durable rubber soles.

Today, leather is also the most common material used in fashion combat boots. Leather combat boots have the longest lifespan and are generally the most comfortable. They also tend to be the most expensive.

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Synthetic “pleather” materials are also prevalent. Combat boots made from pleather will be lighter and cheaper but are more likely to wear out faster. Suede is used as well. This is less common, and these boots will need more upkeep to maintain a fresh look.

Nylon combat boots can be found too. They are lightweight and can be easily made waterproof, so they are a good option if you plan to wear them every day.

What Are Wellington Boots Made Of?

Historically, Wellington boots have been worn by farmers and agricultural workers. This is still true now, but they have also entered the fashion market as rain boots. These waterproof boots are commonly made from natural rubber. 100% rubber wellingtons will be more expensive, but they are known for their comfort and durability.

These boots can also be made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This plastic synthetic is also waterproof. PVC wellingtons will be initially cheaper but are less durable, so you may be buying a new pair much sooner than you expected.

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Wellingtons can also be made from gore-tex. This is a high outdoor performance material that is wind and waterproof. These boots will be much more expensive than the other options. Some Wellington-style boots are actually made of leather as well.

What Are Cowboy Boots Made Of?

Cowboy boots are a type of riding boot. These were historically worn by animal herders of the west, and have become fashionable in certain regions overtime. They usually are made of cowhide leather. This type of leather is durable and forms to the wearer’s foot.

There are exotic cowboy boots made from other types of leather too. This leather can come from horses, kangaroos, stingrays, snakes, ostriches, and alligators. Most exotic leather cowboy boots will be more expensive than cowhide leather. This is why they are typically worn as a fashion statement instead of practical reasons.

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There are synthetic “pleather” cowboy boots as well. This will be cheaper and less durable. If you are after a fashion piece to wear occasionally, this more economical option may be better for you.

What Are Mexican Boots Made Of?

The term "Mexican boots" often applies to a type boot typically worn for comedic purposes in the musical Trival subculture. They are similar in style to cowboy boots but have long toe extensions.

The base is a leather or synthetic leather material. The toe is made from a plastic foam material, then covered with bright synthetic material or paint. It is common to decorate the outside with glitter, sequence, and even LED lights.

You may have a difficult time finding Mexican boots in the stores, though many people use the term to refer to cowboy boots, possibly with an elongated toe area.

What is “Pleather”?

Pleather is artificial leather made from synthetic plastics. It is lighter than leather but does not decompose in the same way. They are the best choice if you want to purchase vegan products.

Enjoy Getting to Know Your Boots

The next time you purchase a pair of boots, be sure to keep in mind the material. Boots can be made from many different fabrics that affect their function and wearability. Your feet are important. Make sure you know what material you’re stepping into.

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