What Belt Should You Wear With Jeans?

What belt should you wear with jeans? Jeans, as we know, are everyone's favorite wardrobe staple. Whether wearing them out to the club or heading off to a day on the construction site, hardworking denim has a place in our hearts. And no, you don't have to wear them with a belt, but if you want to, what's the best look?

Like so much in fashion, there are no set rules, but jeans look great with all different kinds of belts. Leather is perhaps the most popular, but there are also chain belts, and belts in bright colors. The main thing is to make sure your belt fits your belt loops and looks great with the rest of your outfit.

Woman dressed beige knitted sweater and blue jeans with leather black belt. What Belt Should You Wear With Jeans?

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Let's look at a few different options for great belts for jeans and answer a few of your questions about best fit in the rest of this post.

Best Belts With Jeans - For Women

Women have such a wide variety of options available to them in fashion, and great belts for jeans are no exception. Here are some of the top choices we've found.

Leather Belts

A good leather belt is a classic wardrobe piece, and a good leather belt with a favorite pair of jeans is fashion perfection.

This classic faux leather belt is perfectly accented with a simple silver-tone heart-shaped belt buckle. It fits a little under the size of the buckle loops so is probably about 1 3/4" in width

Here's a classic vintage feel brown leather belt with a minimalist circular belt buckle.  The belt is approx 1 1/4" in width and has a cool well-worn look that goes well with your favorite distressed pair of jeans.

women jeans with red leather belt

A skinny belt creates a slightly more feminine and formal look with your jeans. This equestrian-inspired skinny belt is probably about an inch or slightly less in width.

Chain Belts

Chain belts are a way to take your jeans next level. Sometimes they simply sit on the hips rather than going through belt loops, but however they're worn, they look great with the perfect pair of jeans.

This chain belt with pearl details is like a necklace for your waist. Each link has a faux pearl set in the center of it, and it clasps with a lobster clasp, just like a pendant would. A long, additional piece of chain is designed for a one-size-fits-all belt and to create extra drama with the piece hanging down.

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This 3-tier chain belt is all gold elegance. It doesn't fit through the belt buckle, but rather sits at the hip to create a graceful arc that follows the body. This is the way to dress up a casual jeans look. Add a pair of nude patent heels, and you've got yourself a killer outfit.

Here's a chain belt that's got all the bling a girl could want. A thick band of rhinestones slips through the loops of your jeans and attaches at the side. A slim silver chain drops from the waist down the side of your leg. This feature also allows the belt to work for almost any size waist.

Canvas Or Plastic Belts

If you want to make your jeans fun, try one of these bright beauties for a flirty, casual look. Match your shoes, or blouse, or earrings to make the colors pop.

You're ready for June Pride celebrations with this fun canvas rainbow belt. A simple loop closure means this belt will work for all waist sizes. Wear it with a white tee and let the belt speak for itself.

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Here a skinny strip of pink looks super against indigo wash jeans and pairs beautifully with a fuschia print top. Skinny belts turn jeans into something girly and flirty, and this pink belt fits the bill.

Closeup of black jeans with black leather belt. Isolated on white.

The double rows of grommets harken back to days of army surplus store belts in drab green. But not this belt, it has a fun retro vibe and a great color that will look fantastic with any color jeans. Perfect for summer, and the soft canvas material makes it a comfortable belt on your waist.

Best Belts With Jeans - For Men

Typically men's belts are not as varied as women's, but for jeans, you can still find great options in both dressier leather and casual canvas and other technical materials.

Leather Belts With Jeans For Men

Leather belts are no doubt the classic look for men who choose to wear a belt with their jeans. The average size worn by men is about 1 3/4", much smaller and the belts begin to take on a more feminine vibe.

closeup hips denim and leather westerner cloth countryside cowboy western lifestyle clothing men fashion.

Here a classic black belt with good old Wrangler jeans and western boots is a perfect look for a casual weekend outing with friends and family.

Here a dressier belt with gorgeous silver buckle turns these jeans into date night perfection.

Canvas Belts With Jeans For Men

For a more casual look and for the opportunity to play more with color and statement, canvas belts are a great choice to wear with jeans.

top view of blue plants jeans on wooden bakcground

This canvas stretch belt combines a canvas body with leather ends for a super everyday comfortable look with jeans.

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Show your love for all things British with this fun and colorful belt. The tactical clasp and tri-color canvas belt adds some pizazz to any pair of jeans.

How Wide Should A Belt For Jeans Be?

The first thing to consider when deciding a belt width for jeans is the size of your belt loops. Typically, belt loops are about 2" in length, so a belt wider than that won't fit. Two-inch belts give a great chunky look, but slightly smaller, like 1 3/4" or 1 1/2" may be more comfortable and easier to get in and out of the belt loops.

Should Jeans Fit Without A Belt?

Yes. Your jeans should fit on your waist without needing a belt. If you're interested in a baggier look, then you can achieve that through the type of cut. For instance, in woman's jeans, the boyfriend cut often has a looser and straighter leg that can be cuffed, but you still want the waist to fit without the worry of your pants falling.

As you've seen, belts don't have to be boring when worn with jeans. Dress them up, dress them down, splash them with color, or make them elegant with a super belt buckle. As long as they fit your waist and your belt loops, you're good to go.

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