What Can I Use Instead Of Lip Liner? [9 Lip Liner Alternatives]

Sometimes you don't want to put on a lip liner. It can seem much easier to throw on some lipstick or lipgloss and be on your merry way. The good news is that there are several alternatives to lip liner that you can use instead. We've done a bit of digging to find the most popular ones, and in this post, we will share them with you.

Here are lip liner alternatives that you can use:

  1. Lip Gloss
  2. Tinted Lip Balm
  3. Semi-Matte Lipstick
  4. Lip Crayon
  5. DIY with Eye Shadow
  6. Lip Stain
  7. Sheer Lipstick
  8. Cream Lipstick
  9. Matte Lipstick

The beauty industry is continually evolving; this means that there are always new alternatives to make up applications and products. And while lip liners aren't going anywhere anytime soon, they don't always have to be your first pick when it comes to putting a little color on your lips. Continue reading to learn more about the different alternatives for a lip liner.

A woman putting on a pink colored lip liner, What Can I Use Instead Of Lip Liner? [9 Lip Liner Alternatives]

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The Best Lip Liner Alternatives

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1. Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is one of the best ways to avoid lip liner. Not only can you buy lip gloss from almost anywhere, but it comes in so many shades and colors that it's hard to go wrong but applying it. You can purchase shiny lip gloss or lip gloss that has more of a matte look.

If you prefer the matte look, blot off the shine with a makeup sponge or use a concealer over the lip gloss to bring it down a bit. If you are someone who has a natural rose tint to your lips, a clear lip gloss will work beautifully for a daily application.

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2. Tinted Lip Balm

Who doesn't love the smooth and natural glide of a good lip balm? It's also another great alternative, as it has a little color added to it. You may also hear it referred to as "lip butter" or " lip glaze."

Tinted balms can come in various shades, and depending on the brand, you can also find some with more shine or a sparkly effect. Or you can keep things simple and go for a matte lip balm with a hint of a pink tint-- and your lips will stay moisturized throughout the day.

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3. Semi-Matte Lipstick

The cool thing about semi-matte lipstick is that it gives you great coverage without applying more lipstick. Semi-matte lipstick makes lip liner optional if needed at all. You can apply it with a concealer brush or a lip brush for a smooth, clean look on casual days. You can also add a bit of gloss to it for a night out on the town.

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4. Lip Crayon

Lip crayon is the perfect cross between lip liner and lipstick; it's simply the best of both worlds. Lip crayon has a very smooth application and provides weightless coverage that doesn't have a sticky feel after it is applied.

Though it comes to a blunt point similar to that of a crayon, it doesn't mean that you can't get precise coverage when using it to trace the perimeter of your lips. You can also sharpen it with your lip pencil sharpener.

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5. DIY with Eye Shadow

If you are in a rush to add a bit of color to your lips and are out of lip liner, you can make your own in a matter of minutes with a bit of eyeshadow.

To do this, break up at the eye shadow with the end of a cuticle stick or a lip pencil and then place it inside of a container lid such as mouthwash or hydrogen peroxide. Next, add a little lip balm, gloss, or even petroleum jelly to the shadow and mix it until it is smooth. Next, apply it to your lips using an applicator brush.

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6. Lip Stain

This is probably one of the most commonly used hacks by women who prefer not to use a lip liner. The great thing about lip stain is that it can last all day without becoming smudged or wearing off.

You can find this available in brush-style or marker tip applicators. And just as the name indicates, the lip stain will last for the majority of the day. Lip stain goes on relatively easily and is generally available in several different colors and hues.

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7. Sheer Lipstick

If you are going out on a dinner date or spending a night with the girls, a nice sheer lipstick can give you a very moist and natural look for the evening. It's also the perfect choice for everyday casual use.

You don't need a lip liner when applying sheer lipstick, and the application can be fine enough to trace the perimeters of your lip to give it a more refined outline. You can also use your finger to apply your sheer lipstick or a concealer brush.

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8. Cream Lipstick

Cream lipstick is another excellent choice if you prefer not to use a lip liner. It's better to apply it with a brush for a beautiful and satiny feel. It goes on pretty smoothly and is available in various color pigments to give you full coverage and even tones.


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9. Matte Lipstick

You can also use matte lipstick for a little extra lip color. Matte lipstick provides a more toned-down look and provides the perfect look for evening dinners and night out on the town.

Make sure that your lips are thoroughly exfoliated before applying matte lipstick, as it doesn't have the smoothest application, and you don't want it to look chalky. You can find matte lipstick available in a wide variety of colors and hues to match any look you're going for.

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How do you make your own lip liner?

A dark reddish purple colored lipstick patted on a white background

You can make your own lip liner in a matter of minutes by using a few crayons--yes, crayons. Here's how to do it.

Steps to Make Your Own Lip Liner

1. Buy a box of crayons

Purchase a box of crayons from your local art store or everyday shopping stores such as Walgreens or Target. The brand doesn't matter but makes sure that the crayons are non-toxic, which most are these days.

2. Choose your line of color

Pick the color out of the box that you want your lip liner to be. If you are looking to make a blended color, be sure to choose the right two or three colors for the perfect shade. However, you only need one crayon to make the liner.

3. Break the Crayons down

Break the crayon(s) in half and then into smaller pieces using a paring knife. Try to get the pieces as little as possible.

4. Add in a moisturizer

Take a teaspoon of your favorite lip balm or Vaseline and place it in a bowl with the broken down crayons.

5. Toss the ingredients in the microwave

Set the bowl and the microwave and set the temperature to 15 to 20 seconds. Remove the bowl in the microwave and check the ingredients to see if the crayons have melted completely. If they have not, place them back and the microwave for another 15 to 20 seconds. Keep doing this until they are completely melted.

6. Remove the ingredients for the microwave

Next, mix your solution using a small spoon or stir, and you can even add oil such as almond, coconut, or jojoba oil to the mixture.

7. Let it harden

Give the solution about 10 to 20 minutes to harden before applying it with a lip applicator brush or your fingers. If you want the liner to be softer, add more oil before tossing the ingredients in the microwave. You can store the lip liner in a pillbox or and an empty lip balm container. Be sure to keep it at room temperature, or you'll risk it melting before you have a chance to use it again.

And there you have it! You've just made your own lip liner!

Can you use lipstick without liner?

Yes. You can definitely use lipstick without applying a lip liner first. To make sure that you get the fine line that you want, use your lipstick to create a line around your lips before applying it to the middle of your lips.

You can also apply the lipstick with a lip applicator brush for a more detailed line. Always start at the center of your lip and slowly trace the outline of your top and bottom lips with the lipstick to avoid creating exaggerated lines. It's also a good idea to keep a cuticle stick or cotton ball with a little makeup remover on it handy for quick removal.

What is lip definer?

Lip liners shape your lips and give them definition. The lip liner's pointed tip allows you to apply a fine line around the perimeter of your lips for control, similar to that of a lip brush. This makes it easier to apply lip makeup without having to remove smears and accidents constantly.

Lip liners also act as a primer to boost the longevity and the color of your lipstick, making it stand out more. They are known for lasting longer than lipstick in general and can help you blend tones when applying lipstick.

How can you make lip liner last all day?

Most lip liners are formulated to last a long time, giving them an edge on typical lipstick. To increase your lip liner's longevity, be sure to exfoliate your lips before applying it and use a moisturizer to help hold it in place once it's applied.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope that this post has provided you with enough alternatives for lip liner. Remember, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to adding color to your lips, and often experimenting with different types of lipstick and makeup can help you find new looks to explore.

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