What Color Accessories Go With Burgundy?

No color straddles the line between sophistication and playful like burgundy does. What color accessories go with burgundy, though?

Some of the best colors to pair with a burgundy outfit include:

  • Creams
  • Whites
  • Browns
  • Blacks
  • Golds and rose golds
  • Greens
  • Blues

That said, finding the best accessories for your burgundy look is often a matter of personal taste. Once you've found the colors that make your natural beauty shine, you can more readily integrate them alongside your burgundy outfit.

Woman wearing a leopard skin blouse, burgundy skirt, burgundy nail polish and a beige pouch bag, What Color Accessories Go With Burgundy?

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What Color Accessories Go With Burgundy?

On its own, burgundy is a color with a significant amount of depth. When you're looking for accessories to pair with a blouse, dress, shirt, or skirt, you have options. You can either use your accessories to deepen that depth or create a bright palette that keeps an onlooker's eye moving.

With that in mind, some of the best color accessories to pair with a burgundy outfit include:

Cream and White

White shirt, white shoes and a burgundy skirt on the side with nail polishes and make up

Creams and whites tend to serve as everyday pieces in the world of fashion. These pieces rarely contrast with the materials you have in your wardrobe. When contrasted with burgundy, whites and creams tend to emphasize the color's depth.

Whites and creams also tend to add some lift and light to a burgundy outfit.

Brown and Black

Much like whites and creams, browns and blacks are closet staples. There's rarely an outfit that doesn't look good with a black strappy shoe. Similarly, brown sandals compliment burgundy's darker tones and lend an earthy feel to your outfits.

Gold and Rose Gold

Gold jewelry and shoes are special occasion workhorses. The metallic shine of these accessories makes them stand out against your everyday outfits. Even so, their subtlety can complement a darker, burgundy outfit while also adding a glint of light to your look.

Rose gold accessories take this effect a step further. These accessories tend to integrate a subtle red shade into their overall look. When your pair rose gold accessories with a burgundy outfit, you can bring out that red shade without sacrificing the appealing metal tones of your chosen accessories.


Blonde woman wearing a green coat and a matching burgundy dress

There is no pair like burgundy and forest green. Both of these colors are powerful, but they work well with one another. Instead of leaving you looking as though you've stepped out of a December catalog, you can use the contrast found in these colors to build a rich tapestry of shades.

In terms of accessories, consider pairing your burgundy outfits with emerald jewelry or accent pieces. Because the green of these pieces can be both subtle and strong, the accessories can bring out the depths of your burgundy without disappearing into the rest of your look.


Blue and red contrast one another beautifully. The same can be said for most blues and burgundy. Even though burgundy is a deeper and darker shade of red, teals, navies, and malibus tend to add the right amount of pop to your look.

That said, the difference in the blue of your accessories does matter. Navy blues are more likely to mute your look, serving much like a black accessory would. Comparatively, malibu blues and teals draw the eye and bring light to your outfit. 

With this in mind, determine what kind of work you want your blues to do ahead of time. This way you can find the right accessories for the right effect.

What Does The Color Burgundy Represent?

Burgundy leather shoes

The color burgundy oozes sophistication. According to modern color theory, burgundy clothes tend to give a wearer a sense of individualism, energy, and power. In many cases, stylists consider burgundy to be less abrasive than redder or oranger alternatives. Even trading out a red pair of shoes or earrings for a burgundy alternative can simultaneously mute and reinvigorate your outfit of choice.

The affiliation between burgundy and the idea of sophistication makes this color the ideal one to wear on dates or to job interviews. While you may not want to make burgundy your outfit's dominating color, well-placed accessories and accents can help you create a certain image of yourself before you step out on the town.

What Jewelry Goes With a Burgundy Outfit?

The versatility of the jewelry on today's market can make it difficult to find the ideal accessories for a burgundy outfit. Fortunately, you can apply many of the same color rules you would to shoes or a purse to the jewelry you wear. 

Colorful pieces, including gemstone blues and reds, tend to draw the eye. Earrings or necklaces in these colors can transform your burgundy piece into a background color.

If you want to highlight a burgundy outfit, consider investing in lighter jewelry or keeping within the metal tones. Both gold and silver look good against a burgundy outfit. Only bronze threatens to clash - and even then, you can use the contrast to keep eyes moving around your look.

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What Shoes Go With a Burgundy Outfit?

Woman wearing a beige coat with matching burgundy colors

When it comes to finding the best shoes to go with your burgundy, you need to match your personal style to burgundy's best colors. These colors can include:

  • Gold
  • White
  • Cream
  • Brown
  • Blue

Brown, cream, and white shoes all add a pop of light to your outfit while drawing the eye back to the burgundy itself. Gold shoes complement a burgundy outfit while also serving as a subtle statement piece. 

Blue shoes are a far less subtle statement piece to include alongside a burgundy outfit. If you find yourself drawn to a pair of teal or navy shoes, make sure that your other accessories complement the bright pops that they and your burgundy will lend to your look.

Can You Wear Burgundy Shoes?

It's not uncommon to come across shoes in red. What about burgundy, though? The muted red draws the eye as readily as a brighter shade would, but it also lends an air of sophistication to any outfit. 

You can wear burgundy shoes to a number of events. They can add additional color to a casual Friday look or draw the eye of a first date.

Make sure that the make of your shoes fits the situation, though. Some burgundy shoes rely on velvet to bring out their darker color. If you're heading out in the middle of a rainstorm, you'll want to swap your shoes for plastic or weather-resistant alternative.

Can You Wear Burgundy Jewelry?

A gorgeous burgundy colored watch

Burgundy jewelry isn't particularly common on the market. You'll rarely find subtle burgundy pieces, whether you're looking for a pair of earrings or a new necklace. Instead, you're more likely to find burgundy statement pieces.

Burgundy earrings look fantastic against light or dark hair, as they'll draw the eye toward the neck and jawline. Similarly, burgundy gems on a statement necklace or choker can accentuate the collarbones on light and dark skin. 

So long as you're wearing a piece that makes you feel both gorgeous and comfortable, working burgundy jewelry into your next outfit can be a real treat.

How Can You Shop For Burgundy Outfit Accessories?

You have a burgundy dress that's been sitting in your wardrobe, waiting for its debut. How can you go about finding the accessories that will accentuate the dress without drawing too much attention away from it?

Shopping In Person

There are some storefronts that will let you bring a burgundy dress with you to better color-match jewelry and shoes. Alternatively, you can match your dress to a paint swatch found at the hardware store, then take the swatch with you.

Shopping Online

If you're shopping from home, you can also keep the dress nearby as a color reference. Make sure you read the reviews on the products you're interested in, though. Not every accessory available in online shops is the exact color that it appears online. Read reviews carefully to determine how a product might look different when paired with your outfit.

Shopping For Your Own Style

Finally, make sure you know what colors suit your look ahead of time. If you don't like how your hair or skin tone looks when paired with gold or cream, avoid these colors! There's a wide swath of color-matching accessories available in person and online today. Once you're comfortable with your personal style, you can better integrate these pieces alongside a burgundy outfit.

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In Conclusion

Woman wearing a leopard skin blouse, burgundy skirt, burgundy nail polish and a beige pouch bag

Burgundy outfits draw the eye and can lend a pop of color to your wardrobe without overwhelming other statement options. If you want to make the most out of one of your burgundy outfits, though, you need to know how to accessorize.

Colors like gold, white, cream, and brown all accentuate a burgundy outfit's natural depth. Other statement colors, like blues or contrasting reds, can serve as statement pieces of their own compared to your outfit.

It's up to you to find the accentuating colors that you think suit your burgundy look best. Once you have a color palette to start with, you can continue to build up your accessory collection.

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