What Color Accessories To Wear With A Yellow Dress?

A yellow dress makes your wardrobe a little more bright and happy. However, some people think yellow is a difficult color to wear and feel lost when pairing accessories. Don't worry. We have some exciting style tips for you.

Since yellow is a bright color, it's best to pair neutral accessories with a yellow dress. Wearing neutrals makes yellow pop, while bright colors might clash with the color. Great neutral colors to pair a yellow dress with include:

  • White
  • Black
  • Tan
  • Navy
  • Brown

Develop your fashion sense. Should you were gold or silver jewelry with a yellow dress? How do you wear yellow for your skin tone? Keep reading, as we answer these questions and more, so you can look your best in yellow. 

What Color Accessories To Wear With A Yellow Dress?

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Should You Wear Gold Or Silver Jewelry With A Yellow Dress? 

Wearing gold or silver jewelry with a yellow dress depends on whether you have warm or cool skin undertones.

People who have yellow or golden skin and greenish veins have warm undertones. In contrast, people who have pinkish or reddish skin and purple or blue veins have cool undertones. 

Yellow lady with silver or gold accessories

If you have warm undertones, you can pull off pairing gold jewelry with a yellow dress. Note, gold jewelry looks better on people with warm undertones.

However, if you have cool undertones, you'll want to pair silver jewelry with a yellow dress. You'll find that silver jewelry complements cool undertones better than gold jewelry does.

Now that you know whether you should pair gold or silver jewelry with a yellow dress, let's delve into other colors that you can pair with yellow. 


A yellow dress and white accessories make a beautiful combination. The lightness of the white paired with the vibrancy of the yellow can give your outfit a heavenly look.

Also, white accessories may make a yellow dress look a little more laid-back. So, a yellow dress with white accessories is perfect for a casual event. 


White blond young woman wearing black accessories

While white can make a yellow dress feel light and casual, black gives a yellow dress a formal tone. Besides being formal, black is a safe color to pair with yellow because it goes with all shades of the color.

So, if you're unsure about what to wear with a yellow dress, you can always count on black accessories. 


Tan is another safe color to wear with yellow. Wearing tan with yellow will give your outfit a classy feel, and it makes the brightness of the yellow pop.

If you're looking for a safe option that will make your yellow dress stand out, opt for tan accessories. 


Navy blue complements yellow extremely well because these colors are complete opposites of each other. The brightness of yellow stands out against navy blue's coolness.

So, if you want a bold classy combination that will make you stand out, pair your yellow dress with navy blue accessories.  


Brown is a great color to pair yellow with if you want your outfit to have an earthy vibe. People associate the color yellow with the sun, and brown has an association with the earth.

So, when you pair these two colors together, they emit a natural feel. A yellow dress with a brown belt or brown purse can give you a raw, intriguing look. 

Like black and tan, brown is also a fairly safe color to wear with a yellow dress. Wearing brown shoes with a yellow dress will bring your outfit together in a classy way, and ensures your dress gets the most attention.

What Type of Patterns Go With Yellow?

Yellow looks great with a variety of patterns. Some of the most popular patterns to pair with yellow include stripes, flowers, plaid, and leopard print.

However, the pattern you choose to wear depends on the season and the vibe you want to convey with your outfit. 


Stripes on yellow dresses are usually white, making for a light, bright, and cheerful combination. Because striped yellow dresses are typically airy and bright, they are a great choice for summer!


A floral pattern is another perfect choice for summer. Because we associate yellow with the sun, adding a natural element like flowers to a yellow dress, makes a gorgeous and vibrant outfit. 


Plaid is a pattern that gives your outfit a preppy or edgy feel, depending on how you wear it. Yellow and black are an excellent combination. And, plaid is a great choice when you want to add a little prep or edginess to your style. 

Leopard Print

Leopard print is a bold, striking pattern. Similar to plaid, it's usually available in black, so it stands out against a bright yellow dress. Also, this pattern is perfect if you're striving for a daring, confident look. 

How Do You Wear Yellow For Your Skin Tone? 

Many people think yellow is a difficult color to wear. Some people may feel they can't wear yellow because of their skin tone.

However, all skin tones can wear yellow! You just have to choose the right shade of yellow to look your best. 

Pastel yellows are a great choice for people with warm undertones. This is because lighter yellows pop against darker skin.

Conversely, pastel yellows aren't the best choice for people with cool undertones. Lighter shades of yellow tend to wash out fairer skin.

Instead, people with fair skin should opt for a darker shade of yellow, such as a mustard yellow

What Makeup Look Goes With A Yellow Dress? 

Lady with black hair and yellow dress

One of the best makeup looks for a yellow dress is a minimal base with brown eyeshadow and a dark red lipstick. When wearing a yellow dress, it's important to apply a minimal base because yellow is a bright color.

If you apply a base that is too loud, it will clash with the brightness of your dress. 

Brown is one of the best eyeshadow colors to pair with yellow because the combination is classic and versatile. Depending on how you wear it, brown eyeshadow can make your look casual or glamourous. 

A deep red lipstick is perfect for a yellow dress because it adds a bit of boldness to your outfit.

Unlike bright shades of red, a dark, deep red won't clash with the intensity of a yellow dress. So, this is another benefit of this lipstick color. 

Can You Wear Yellow Year-Round? 

Though people traditionally think of yellow as a summer color, you can wear the color year-round. However, the shade of yellow you should wear depends on the season.

Summer and spring are the perfect time to wear sunshine yellow, a color that radiates warmth and brightness. 

In the fall, mustard yellow is a wonderful option. This yellow is darker than sunshine yellow, so it pairs nicely with the changing fall leaves.

Mustard yellow is also a good option for winter, as you can pair it with neutrals to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. 

What Does Wearing Yellow Mean?

Gorgeous yellow dress with lady in short hair

Yellow is a complex color. Because it's a bright color, some of its well-known meanings include happiness, positivity, and sunshine.

However, some other meanings for this color include youthfulness, cowardice, and sickness. Since yellow has both positive and negative meanings, be careful with how you wear it. 

What Color Does Not Go With Yellow? 

This is a tricky question to answer, because style, personality, and preferences vary from person to person. Purple is thought to clash with yellow.

Like yellow, purple is a bright color, and pairing these two bright colors together typically results in a busy outfit that doesn't flow well.

However, even though purple and yellow don't necessarily go together, some people don't mind clashing colors and pair them together for a bold look. It truly depends on your personality.

If you want to play it safe, pair yellow with neutral accessories. If you want to try something a little different, try pairing clashing colors like purple and yellow. 

In Closing

Young lady in a dancing pose with yellow dress

Some of the best colors to pair with a yellow dress are neutral colors. Yellow dresses also look great with a variety of patterns. What you choose to pair with a yellow dress depends mostly on the vibe that you want to convey. 

Remember, the shade of yellow that looks best on you is based on whether your skin has warm or cool undertones. Anyone can look lovely in a yellow dress with the right shade of yellow and thoughtful accessories!

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