What Color Accessories with Black Dress

We have all heard the saying that you cannot go wrong with a black dress. A simple or even elaborate black dress is the universal language all fashionistas understand. A form pleasing choice for various occasions, black dresses are the fashion underdog across the globe. Now that you have your black dress on, what should you pair with it? We've scoured the internet for all the styling tips you need to accessorize a black dress.

We recommend featuring a pop of color or statement piece of jewelry with a black dress. Wearing something a little glamorous alongside your dress can truly transform the final look from flirty to formal. White and neutral colors also work seemingly well with a black dress to add some contrast. Here is a list of our top recommendations:

  • Statement jewelry piece 
  • Fashionable scarf (silk or wool will work)
  • Brightly colored shoes 
  • Fashionable belt 
  • Jacket or shawl 

Accessories are so much fun to add that final touch and feel to any ensemble. You also do not have to break the bank to achieve a cohesive and ultra-stylish creation. Now, let's dive in and find the perfect accessories for you to pair with that black dress!

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How do you style a black dress?

Styling a black dress is much easier than other colors. Choosing a more elegant cocktail dress style can be achieved by doing very little. Our top accessory for a black dress would, of course, go to a statement piece of jewelry.

Wearing a brightly colored or exquisite looking necklace works as a frame to your overall look. Pairing a scarf or belt can also add class to your style. You can even try choosing a formal jacket to wear alongside your black dress for colder climates and venues.

The Best Accessories for A Black Dress

Black is a bold color yet also one of the most compatible in design, making it a hot commodity. Sometimes by just adding a little color or bling to your look, you can achieve high fashion. Below we have discovered some amazing items for you to pair with your little black dress.

Above, you can see a stunning mesh bow necklace. This allows you to sparkle while also looking sleek and stylish wherever you are. A little sparkle never hurt anybody, and this specific necklace is a must-have. Follow this link to see this necklace on Amazon.

The scarf above is another great accessory to coordinate with your black dress. This Mulberry silk scarf, while affordable, looks elegant and adds vibrance to your look. Click this link to view this scarf on Amazon.

This sparkly fashionable belt is perfect for a black dress. This teardrop crystal design is stunning and will be the star of whatever event you attend. Wearing this with a black dress allows for that pop of flair on top of a simpler styled piece. Follow this link to check out this beautiful belt on Amazon.

Another great set of accessories would be a watch or bracelet to pair with your black dress. This is a bangle collection from designer Anne Klein. Sometimes stacking your wristwear gives off a fuller look and is very trendy at the moment. Choose your color, gold or silver, for an affordable pairing. Follow this link to Amazon to check this set of jewelry out.

How do you glam a black dress?

Glamming a black dress, in our opinion, is the very best part. Adding a little bit of glam can quite literally transform your look and make for a memorable outfit -that statement piece of jewelry is ideal. Whether it be earrings or a large necklace, adding some bling can also upgrade your entire look. Brightly colored shoes, like red stilettos, have an unspoken alliance with black dresses for sexy and fashionable wear.

Glamorous Accessories

The earrings above definitely add some sparkle to your outfit. The light gold color has a champagne vibe. These earrings look and feel very Gatsby inspired and make the eye gravitate towards whoever is wearing them. Follow this link to view these earrings on Amazon. 

The heels shown above are a super sleek and sexy accessory to consider pairing with your black dress. These also come in red and have amazing ratings on Amazon. A pop of color can add something very tasteful and trendy to a look. These shoes can be adjusted at the top strap and have a little thicker heel that will be more comfortable for the person wearing them. Follow this link to check these heels out on Amazon.

Here we have a brightly colored bag to add some glamor to your black dress look. This style has that trendy, upscale look but is totally affordable. Consider toning down other accessories though, if you decide to wear a eye-catching bag with your dress. Follow this link to check out this super cute bag on Amazon. 

This coat shown above is another great way to add glam to your black dress. This particular item comes in three rich colors that will compliment your black dress very well. When wearing such a statement coat, sometimes it allows for a more simple necklace or earrings. Follow this link to view this glamorous coat on Amazon.

Where do you wear a little black dress?

You can literally wear your black dress at any time of day, at any venue. We have seen women wear them to red carpet events and even to the grocery store. The diversity that this color and style of dress has is unmatched; it all depends on the styling.

Company events are a great place to wear a black dress due to its professional appearance.

Another occasion would be a night out on the town with friends, allowing for a more cheeky and adventurous styling.

For casual fun, wear a black sundress to a picnic in the park or day at the beach.

To Conclude

You may be thinking about pulling that little black dress from your closet, and we are here to encourage you! You can never go wrong with a black dress, no matter the occasion. Whether you decide to go for a Marilyn Monroe inspired look or just something that makes you feel beautiful, a black dress is made for you. Accessorizing your black dress is so fun, and you probably have an item at home you can wear. Remember to pair complimentary styles and patterns with your dress and have fun while doing it.




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