What Color Eyeshadow With a Red Dress? [5 Suggestions with Pictures]

Do you have an awesome red dress to wear for a night out? Are you wondering what color eyeshadow does go with red? For this article, we've found the best color combinations to coordinate eyeshadow with a red dress. We will discuss several eyeshadows to wear with your casual red dress or even a red ball gown!

Many eyeshadow colors can go with a red dress. Below is a list of some colors that we have found would match perfectly with your dress!

  • Gold
  • Gray/Black
  • Pink
  • Silver
  • Naturals/Nudes

Continue reading to see these great color ideas for eyeshadow to match your red dress and learn how to apply make-up for the look you want. We will even suggest some accessories to go with the whole look!

A beautiful model woman with trendy fashionable makeup wearing red dress, What Color Eyeshadow With a Red Dress? [5 Suggestions with Pictures]

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How do you do red dress makeup?

Everyone has different ways of doing their makeup. Do what you would normally do on an everyday basis. Wash your face, apply some foundation or powder, and then focus on your eyes. We found the perfect video on YouTube to show an easy way to apply your eyeshadow, have a look below.


Woman wearing gold eye shadow

Is it time for a night out on the town? Add some gold eyeshadow to your make up routine and really make the red dress pop! Red and gold add a bit of sparkle to any ensemble. If you want to bring it all together, add a gold clutch or pumps as well. This combination is perfect for the holidays!

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Beautiful indian girl with bridal makeup

In this photo, the lovely woman is wearing a red Sauri with two shades of gold eyeshadow. Do not be afraid to mix shades. In this case, you can add a lighter gold to the inside of the eyelid and then a darker shade on the outside. With cream shadows, you can you a beauty blender, your finger, or a soft-bristled brush. Dab on the cream (or powder) instead of rubbing it into the skin. After the eyeshadow, you can add on your eyeliner and mascara to complete the look.


Beautiful woman with long black curly hair and pretty make-up looking over her shoulder

Gray and even black eyeshadows compliment any outfit of any color! A smokey pallet may be your best choice so you can mix and blend the different shades. A smokey eye can create an intense look, or you can make it lighter for a more reserved look. Either way, gray and black would look amazing with a red dress. If you add some glossy black heels and a cardigan, you have a great work outfit. You can add some glitzy costume jewelry and be ready for a night out on the town.

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Look at this video on YouTube to see how easy it is to achieve that smokey eye look!



Close up of eye makeup woman applying eyeshadow powder

Pink eyeshadow will look great with the color red of your dress. It will give just enough color to your make up without overpowering the look. This would be perfect for a summer day or a day of shopping. Wear some cute pink sneakers, and you will look casual yet put together. Add some glittery pink to your eyes, and you have an awesome party look for an evening on the town with friends.

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Woman in red dress on beige background

Using a pink eyeshadow does not have to be overdone. Using shades that will blend with your skin tone will give you a more natural look. This lady has used several pink shades of shadow. Apply a lighter shade to the bottom of the lid, towards your eyeliner, and blend a darker shade at the top. Using an eyeshadow brush will help combine the two colors to make it look even.


Shining woman eyes makeup

Make your eyes glitter with silver eye shadow! Silver goes great with a red dress. Silver can be really pretty with any color or outfit. It can look good with a plain red t-shirt dress or an elegant ballgown. You can add a bit of shimmer to your look with silver or go with a matte gray for a more office-friendly look. Silver, like gray and blacks, are really versatile.

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Beautiful macro shot of female eye with ceremonial makeup

Add glitter to your already silver eyeshadow. This will make your eyes and dress pop! You can purchase eyeliner with glitter added to it or simply add a dusting of glitter. You may use a makeup glue to dab the glitter onto your eyelid with your fingertip. Some eyeshadows have a cream base with glitter in it as well. This will not need any glue.


Studio shot of a beautiful young african woman isolated on white

Nudes, creams, and natural colors are the way to go when you want some makeup but nothing over the top. Match the eyeshadow to your skin tone, or go a shade darker for a little glimmer on your eyes. You will look more natural and relaxed. This is perfect for warm summer days. A beautiful red maxi dress and a warm glowy eyeshadow would look awesome paired with some great sandals.

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What color nails go with a red dress?

We suggest sticking with the colors that we listed for eyeshadows—black, gray, naturals, silver, and gold. You could opt for a pink or blue. Just make sure you do not go overboard with different colors, or it will start to clash.

What jewelry goes best with a red dress?

You could do a simple gold or silver chain and small gold or silver hoops, or you could get some chunky costume jewelry that sparkles! Pearls also look beautiful with red. You may opt for a long strand of pearls or just small pearl earrings. Some bangle bracelets also pull together any look. You do not need a lot of jewelry to make the dress look good.

In Closing

Gold, silver, and a smokey eye will make that red look amazing. However, you can always opt for a natural look using pinks and more neutral skin tone colors. You can use any of these colors and blend them with different shades. Eye shadow can add a bit of color and flair to your outfit. Adding a little glitter can also dress up even the most casual red dress!

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