What Color Handbag Goes With EVERYTHING?

It's time for a new purse, and you want to know what color handbag goes with everything? Because if you're going to buy a new bag, why not choose something that's super versatile? 

Some of the best handbag colors to match with almost any outfit are as follows:

  • Black
  • Espresso Brown
  • Saddle Tan
  • Neutral Beige
  • Charcoal
  • Light Grey
  • Olive Green
  • Burgundy
  • Red
  • White

Businesswoman walking with her black handbag, What Color Handbag Goes With EVERYTHING?

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Each of these bag colors plays nicely with many different styles and clothing choices. So let's take a look at each color below.

Black Handbags Are The Classic Choice

Whether spending the day in jeans and a cardigan or suiting up for the office, a black bag is a must-have for the versatile wardrobe. The great thing about black bags is that they are available at practically any retailer, from any brand, and in every purse style. And honestly, we can't think of a color that they won't go with.

This classic Coach tote is perfect for the office and casual days running errands. Click here for this on Amazon.

Espresso Brown Is A Lovely Dark Neutral Handbag Color

A dark, luxurious brown bag is a fabulous choice if you have a closet full of warm-toned clothes. Though it can go with any color, it looks particularly beautiful with the colors of sandy beaches or the vibrant colors of fall. 

This richly colored crossbody bag from Vince Camuto is a perfect small purse in espresso brown.

Click here for this on Amazon.

Saddle Tan Purses Are The Perfect Choice For Casual Wear

There's something so rich and beautiful about a perfect saddle-colored leather. When you are lucky enough to find the ideal bag in this honey-brown tone, you'll want to carry it with everything. Though we don't know how well this color will do with formal wear, it's a can't-go-wrong color for casual and office.

Frye Bags are classic when it comes to rich leathers that wear in beautifully. If you're going to invest in a go-with-everything handbag, make it a good one.

Click here for this on Amazon.

Neutral Beige Or Nude Bags Go With Everything

Whether you're dressing down for a spring festival or dressing up for a gala event, nude bags go wonderfully with everything. Plus, they are super in-style right now, so you'll need only have the perfect accessory, but you'll also look like you stepped out of a fashion magazine.

This champagne nude-colored beaded bag is the perfect little clutch for dress-up evenings on the town. Click here for this on Amazon.

Charcoal Purses Are The Workhorse Of The Workplace

If you love the versatility of black, but want a color that is slightly muted, then you might consider charcoal or medium grey bag. This color goes surprisingly well with most colors from black, to blue, to pink, to red, and even yellow. And because it's a color often associated with suits and slacks for business, it's perfect for the workplace.

This Vera Bradley crossbody in the charcoal grey fabric is an affordable option. Plus, it's made out of entirely recycled material for great looks and sustainability.

Click here for this bag on Amazon.

Light Grey Is A Versatile Handbag Color

Light grey is a wonderfully versatile choice for a handbag. It can be dressed up or down and goes with virtually everything. It can even be worn monochromatically like in the first photo above and is simply stunning when styled that way. Many bag styles and brands are available in this color, which is helpful when shopping for a light grey purse.

The Kate Spade Talia bag in soft grey leather is a beautiful choice for a work-to-casual versatile handbag. Click here for this on Amazon.

Olive Green Is The New Brown In Handbags

Olive green is making a comeback, and though it might not be the first color that comes to mind when you think handbag, it is exceedingly versatile. This color bag works well with so many different colors, yet offers you a little something different than the larger crowd.

This cute tasseled crossbody bag in olive leather will look great with denim or dresses. Click here for this on Amazon.

Burgundy Is A Nice Mix Between Red And Brown Handbags

If you love warm, rich colors, why not consider a burgundy purse? It's not quite as bold as a genuine red purse, yet is not the total neutral of a brown. Yet, it still works surprisingly well with any number of colors and patterns. 

This small suede shoulder bag in burgundy is a great go-to bag for everyday use. Click here for this on Amazon.

Red Handbags Go With More Than You Might Think

Neutrals or colors, patterns, or prints, a bright red bag might just be your happy place when it comes to versatile purses. Yes, they make a statement, but versatility doesn't have to mean dull. Give a red bag a try, and you might find your new favorite!

Red with rivets and tassels, we love this small crossbody bag. Click here for this on Amazon.

White Handbags Are The Bright Choice

Dressed up, dressed down, and everything in between, a white handbag is versatile and oh-so-flirty and feminine. The only downside to a white bag is keeping it clean, but it's worth it when you look so fresh.

This Steve Madden white leather backpack purse works great for your commute. Click here for this on Amazon.

What Is The Most Versatile Handbag Color?

Based on just how many styles are available in these colors, it's safe to say that blacks and browns are considered the most versatile handbag colors. Just like the ubiquitous little black dress, the little black handbag can take you to any sort of function with style.

What Is The Most Popular Handbag Color?

For the year 2019, black, brown, and nude handbags were the most popular. But among the fashionista set (like you), people gravitated toward pinks and burnt orange shades.

How Do I Choose A Handbag For Everyday Use?

The first thing to think about is what you need to carry in your bag. If you need a tablet, a wallet, headphones, phone, makeup, pens, checkbook, and more, then you'll want to think about carrying a satchel or hobo style bag. If you can get by with the minimum, then a small crossbody or shoulder bag might work.

Second, what is your everyday like? Are you meeting with clients or running the carpool or both? The materials and colors you choose make a difference. A white leather bag might not be great if you get Koolaid spilled on it. But it could be perfect if you're simply going from office to board meeting. 

You want to think about storage need, use, and comfort of carrying. This will help you determine the right bag for everyday use.

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