What Color Leggings Go With A Navy Dress Or Tunic?

Navy blue is a very distinguished color that brings with it an air of importance, professionalism, and power. When wearing such an empowering color, it is important to pair it with the right accent color. If you have ever sat there wondering what color you should pair with navy, then you are in luck! We have done all of the research, and we have the best answers for you.

Navy blue can pair with a multitude of colors; it is very versatile. The main thing that will influence the color leggings you choose to pair with your navy dress is the look and feel you are trying to translate through your clothing. There are color pairings that can make your look more professional or more casual. A few of the best combinations with navy are:

  • Earth tones including browns, greens, and dark oranges
  • Different shades of blue
  • Bold colors such as yellow or red
  • Neutrals including black, white, and gray

As you can see, there are quite a few navy color combos. Each of these color pairings can create a completely different look from the other. So what legging color is best for your navy dress? Keep reading to find out what colors you should wear with navy blue to achieve the look you are going for.

A beautiful teenager wearing a dress and leggings while sitting on the park bench, What Color Leggings Go With A Navy Dress Or Tunic?

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What color goes best with a navy blue dress?

This is a very subjective question, as everyone may have a different answer. But let's consult color theory to answer this question. According to color theory, the most appealing pairings are that of complementary colors. For navy blue, complementary colors fall under brown and earth tones. Along with earth tones, neutral colors are also a classic choice to go with navy blue.

Earth tones

First up on the list, we have earth tones and neutral colors. Navy itself is a neutral color which makes it so easy to pair with just about anything. Earth tones work so well with navy because they are complementary colors. Complimentary colors are opposite on the color wheel, so when they are put next to each other, it is very pleasing to the eye.

Navy is a variation of blue, which has opposite colors close to orange and yellow. However, due to navy being a darker shade than plain old blue, the complementary colors are more muted and dark. Here are some good earth tones to wear with navy:

  • Brown/nude
  • Earthy green
  • Dark orange/rust

Earth tones give a more serious and mature feel when paired with navy.

Shades of Blue

Next up, navy goes well with other shades of blue. This would be considered a monochromatic color palette. This color combination works so well because you can have just about any shade of blue, and it will still work. That is because having different shades of the same color still gives a sense of harmony. Therefore, even if you wear a lighter blue that would be a contrast against the navy, it wouldn't pop as much as yellow per se because it is another shade of blue. Here are some colors that are monochromatic to navy:

  • Royal blue
  • Denim
  • Powder blue

Analogous (adjacent) colors

Similar to monochromatic colors, the adjacent colors on the wheel are harmonious. These are shades that are close to navy but have a different hue to them. These color combinations work so well because they are what are called analogous or adjacent colors. According to color theory, these are pleasing to the eye because they create a seamless transition of color that is easy on the eyes. Due to navy being a pretty dark color, it has some equally dark adjacent colors that it can be matched with to create an easygoing look.

  • Purple
  • Darker shades of teal

Monochrome and analogous color pairings are good for when you want to enhance the main color scheme instead of accenting with an extremely contrasting color.

Bold pops of color

Just like with all outfits, a bold accent color that contrasts the main piece is always a showstopper. Here are some colors that will pop against navy:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Lime green
  • Any vivid contrasting color

These color choices are good for anyone who likes to add a dash of fun to their look. Unlike wearing different shades of blue, the stark contrast between colors is sure to be noticed by everyone. Another good way to add a pop of color is with footwear. For more navy blue pairing tips, read our guide on what color shoes to wear with a navy dress.


Lastly, we have the neutrals. Navy being a neutral color itself, plays well with other neutrals. These colors are somewhat similar to earth tones but different because they lack saturation. Saturation is the amount of color that a shade possesses. Neutral colors are very desaturated compared to the other colors on this list. Here are some good neutrals to wear with your navy blue dress:

  • Beige
  • Gray
  • Black
  • White

Wearing neutrals with navy has a similar effect as earth tones.

Can you wear black leggings with a navy dress?

A woman wearing a navy dress and a tight dress on a light gray background

This is a frequent question in the fashion world because navy is already such a dark color, and nobody wants to commit a fashion faux pas or fashion crime. Luckily, black is a common and classic neutral color that is often worn with navy. Both colors are flattering on everyone and can be paired with just about any color.

How do you pair a dress with leggings?

Now that we have thoroughly covered the colors that you can pair with navy, it is time to discuss just how you should pair your dress with leggings. Leggings are usually worn under dresses for a few reasons: to make a look more modest, to stay warm, or to add some color to their look.

What kind of leggings do you wear under a dress?

There are a few different lengths of leggings and a ton of fabric options. When choosing what is best for you, take into consideration the fabric of your dress and the purpose of the leggings under the dress. You want to be sure that the fabric of your leggings is not causing friction that will catch onto your dress and cause it to ride up. Here are some general guidelines for how to choose the right leggings for your purpose.

Covering legs for a more modest look

A woman wearing leggings and a tunic dress on her job

For this purpose, you have a little bit of flexibility since you are only aiming to cover your legs. If your dress is too short, wearing ankle-length leggings will get you covered up while adding some color variation to your look. You also have the option of wearing cropped leggings that end mid-calf. Cropped leggings made of thinner, breathable fabric are perfect for nicer weather.

Staying warm

If you are wearing leggings under your dress to stay warm, then ankle-length is definitely the way to go. As for material options, try to go for fleece-lined or wool leggings for added warmth.


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Adding color

If you are only adding color to your look, then you can wear whatever leggings you would like! Just remember to choose a fabric that will not cling to the inside of your dress. For casual occasions, don't be afraid to go with a minimal print that has at least two complimentary colors to what you are wearing.

Are leggings under a dress business casual?

Leggings by themselves are a definite no-no for the workplace. However, under a dress, they are perfectly fine. They can make looks more modest and professional when paired correctly. Check out our post on wearing leggings with dresses for even more information.

What leggings go with a navy dress

The potential for color pairings is endless with a navy dress. Neural colors play well with whatever you would like to pair them with. Although they can go with anything, that does not mean they always should. Make sure the leggings you wear are appropriate for the occasion by choosing a length, fabric, and color that corresponds with your dress.

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