What Color Lipstick Goes With Blue Eyeshadow?

When donning a striking blue eyeshadow, choosing the right lipstick is critical in order to balance out the look. We've done the research and found the best lipstick shades to complement your blue eyeshadow – skin tone, outfit choice, and makeup style all considered.

Blue eyeshadow can be tricky to pull off, but these lipstick shades will complete your look without clashing:

  • Nude
  • Soft pink
  • Coral
  • Deep eggplant

Keeping your lip neutral with a nude or soft pink is a safe option that will let your eyeshadow shine. If you decide to pair your vibrant eyeshadow with an equally vibrant lip, a coral or deep eggplant will work nicely, but only if you take your eyeshadow shade and skin tone into consideration.

The lip color that will best suit your face-of-the-day depends on multiple factors. Keep reading for an in-depth guide to finding the perfect lipstick to wear with blue eyeshadow.

A beautiful woman wearing a beautiful blue dress and gorgeous eyeshadow while standing on a blue background, What Color Lipstick Goes With Blue Eyeshadow?

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Is Blue Eyeshadow Tacky?

If done wrong, sure, blue eyeshadow can be reminiscent of bad 80's fashion and disco nightlife. The trick to wearing blue eyeshadow without looking outdated or tacky is in the way you use it. Application and blending matter – as well as creating a cohesive look from foundation to lip color.

A woman looking weirdly at the camera with hair curlers on her hair

The first step in making blue eyeshadow look fabulous is working with high-quality materials – and high-quality doesn't have to mean expensive! Make sure you have a few different blending brushes and an eyeshadow palette made by a brand you trust. We love brands such as Morphe and Colourpop for low-cost products that always deliver.

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What Color Lipstick Goes With Blue Eyeshadow?

Once you've got your eyeshadow on lock, it's time to find the perfect lip to go along with it. Whether you want to go bold or neutral, we've got it covered.


If your skin is light or dark, no matter what your undertone is, literally anybody can pull off a nude lip. It's the perfect choice if you want your bright blue eyeshadow to be the star of the show.

Finding the perfect nude lip for you is a personal journey that often takes a lot of trial and error, but we suggest looking for a lipstick that's only one shade darker than your skin tone. This trick will give you the natural base you're looking for while still adding a bit of oomph to your look.

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Soft Pink

This combination works great for people with lighter skin and cooler undertones. A soft, frosty pink won't outshine your blue eyeshadow, but still holds its own and is bound to turn a few heads.

A pink shade that is the same value as your skin tone (or even a bit lighter!) adds a flirty edge to any look. Play up your sweet, girly energy with a soft cream finish, or call back to the '90s by popping a clear gloss over top. Either way, this lip color is sure to please.

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If done correctly, an orangey coral shade looks beautifully matched with blue eyeshadow. Just beware of using this shade alongside dark blues. Makeup is all about balance, so pairing a bold coral with a shade of blue that is equally eye-catching can look a little clownish.

Instead, try it with a wash of icy blue shadow. This pairing works especially well for people with warm undertones and medium to deep skin as the coral lipstick will accentuate their natural bronze glow.

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Deep Eggplant

Although we don't always recommend wearing a bold eye and a bold lip at the same time, there are some exceptions to the rule. Matching undertones are very important to pulling this off. Since blues are naturally cool-toned, if you want to wear a deep lip color with blue eyeshadow, it is critical that it has a similarly cool undertone.

For that reason, true reds are off the table, but a deep purple works beautifully alongside blue shadow. Look for a purple lipstick that leans more eggplant than magenta as any hint of fuchsia or pink will throw the look off entirely.

This combination works well with royal blues and soft baby blues alike, so have fun with it! Pro tip: adding a hint of purple eyeshadow in your inner or outer corner (alongside the blue) will tie into your lip color and create a more cohesive look.

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What Style Of Makeup Does Blue Eyeshadow Go With?

Do you love a natural face? Or is glam more your style? Keep reading to learn how to wear blue eyeshadow in any which way you please.


A daring eyeshadow color such as blue goes hand in hand with the smoky, sexy, glam style of makeup that is so popular today. To get this look, try finding an eyeshadow palette with various blues so you can create an ombre effect that deepens as it moves toward the outer crease.

Pair with winged liner, sculpted brows, and a nude lip for a sleek and sultry nighttime beat.

Check out this article "Should You Wear Lipstick To An Interview?" for more makeup dos and don'ts.


Although blue eyeshadow isn't inherently natural, you can wear a subtle wash of blue with a more natural face to achieve a toned-down look that's still fun.

Opt for BB cream instead of a full-coverage foundation and use an icy blue shadow all over the lids to achieve this totally wearable and endlessly cute daytime look. Finish it off with a baby pink blush and lip for maximum sweetness.

Check out Maybelline dream fresh BB cream on Amazon.


Take a tip from 60's pop art and have some fun with your eyeshadow. The possibilities are endless: graphic liner, colored mascara, and fun shapes are all welcome.

For a look as adventurous as this, it's best to keep the rest of your makeup clean and neutral to let your eyes be the star of the show.

How Do You Know What Color Eyeshadow To Wear?

Although anyone can rock fun blue eyeshadow, choosing a shade that's complementary to your eye color is the easiest way to stand out in a crowd. Keep reading to learn what color eyeshadow goes best with your eyes.

Brown Eyes

Those with brown eyes can pull off any color in the rainbow. The neutral chocolate brown base will pop with bold colors such as blues and greens, so go wild!

Blue Eyes

An up close photo of a woman's eye with gorgeous eyebrows

Orange is opposite of blue on the color wheel, so colors with orange undertones such as warm browns and terra cottas will best complement your sparkling blue eyes.

Green Eyes

Draw attention to your best asset by defining green eyes with a pink or purple shadow. Another great option for green eyes is a shimmery gold, as the luxe color will emphasize the bronze-y flecks that are often a feature of green-eyed folks.

Hazel Eyes

If you have hazel eyes, don't be afraid to let them be the star of the show. A downplayed smoky neutral shadow/liner combo will draw attention to your eyes without taking attention away from your gorgeous natural beauty.

Check out this article "Does Eyeliner Go On Before Eyeshadow?" to learn more about layering makeup.

Does Your Eyeshadow Have To Match Your Outfit?

Matching your eyeshadow to your outfit is a fun way to pull an entire look together, but it is by no means necessary. It's a great trick when you're feeling a little bit extra, but for an everyday look, we suggest implementing a little bit of balance in your style.

A beautiful woman wearing a beautiful blue dress and gorgeous eyeshadow while standing on a blue background

Balancing a bold makeup look with a simple outfit – or vice versa, pairing a vibrant outfit with neutral makeup – is perfectly acceptable and tones down your overall look. A sleek all-black outfit will make blue eyeshadow pop. Likewise, if you're rocking a royal blue power suit, try some neutral brown eyeshadow that day.

Wear Your Makeup With Confidence!

Now that you know what color lipsticks go best with blue eyeshadow, it's time to break out the mirror and have a little fun with your daily makeup routine. Remember: great makeup doesn't have to be expensive, so check out any of the links above for affordable options that will still look bomb.

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