What Color Nails With Blue Dress [8 Awesome Suggestions]

Do you have a party or a wedding to attend? Have you bought a new blue dress and just do not know which color to choose for your nails? We can help! We've checked with style gurus to see what they have to say about what color nails go best with a blue dress.

You may choose pretty much any color of nail polish and it will pair well with a blue dress. Use the same color that matches your jewelry or shoes and handbag to really make them pop! The following nail colors are some of the best options for pairing with your blue dress:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Nude
  • Red
  • Gold
  • White
  • Black
  • Yellow

Read below to find out what color will go great with your blue dress and how to make your outfit look perfect with your nails! We'll also cover other common questions when it comes to matching your nail color with your outfit, so be sure to keep reading.

Red beautiful manicure of a lady against a white background, What Color Nails With Blue Dress [8 Awesome Suggestions]

What Color Nails With Blue Dress


Smiling woman with blue polish on the blue background

Yes, that's right, blue! There are many shades of blues. If your dress is a darker navy, pair a lighter ocean blue on your nails. You could even match the same exact navy blue. If you are going to a Fourth of July party or even a beach themed wedding, you cannot go wrong with blue.

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Female hand with neon green nails wearing a purple fabric on green background

The earthy tone of green can pair well with blue. If you have a darker dress, go with mossy green. If you have a sky blue dress, try a mint green. The pastel colors would be great for spring or summer. Do not be afraid to do a neon green, as well. Have some fun with the color and add bright jewelry to complete the look.

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Female hand holds a sheet of paper and demonstrates a nude manicure

A nude color is great for a party or a day at the office. It is neutral and pairs with almost anything. If you want a more laid back look and not too much color, this is the way to go. Your nails will look finished and neat without being totally outlandish. Pair the nude color nails with your blue dress and add some nude pumps to complete the look.

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Mature woman showing off her new warm red manicure and dark gray wool sweater

Red is sure to catch people's eye with a blue dress. Match your red nails with red lips and you are set. Red and blue are also very patriotic. These colors would be good for a picnic or Valentine's Day. Adding some gold or silver jewelry or even a sweater will tie the whole ensemble together and add some zest to your day.

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Female hand with glittered beige nails holding a beige textile

Do not be afraid of a little sparkle added to your gold nails. With a blue dress, gold nails, and some heels, you are ready for a night out. Perfect for date night, drinks with the girls, or New Year's Eve. The good thing about gold is that it can be paired with pretty much any color. If you want a little glitter for the next day, it will still work with your outfit. Add a gold belt or handbag and you will have the perfect outfit.

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Female hand with white nail design

White, like nude, is very neutral. White and blue go beautifully together. Do not be afraid to add a design to your white nails. Adding a blue flower will make your nails look great and add a bit of flair to your blue dress. Wear a pair of white sandals for a day on the beach or even a walk in the park. White is also great for winter. Add some snowflakes to your nails and a white sweater and you are set for coffee with friends.

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Very beautiful black nails close up

A glossy or matte black nail would be great with any shade of blue dress. It looks sleek and refined. You could be wearing a blue sundress or a blue ballgown and look amazing with black nails. Pair with comfortable sneakers or heels and you have a completed look with a little edge. Black isn't only for Halloween, after all.

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Woman in yellow color nails on a green towel

Yellow is a perfect color to enhance your blue dress. School bus yellow is a great choice for school teachers. A blue sundress with yellow nails is awesome for a warm summer day. Yellow is also great for the fall season with leaves changing. Pair the outfit with gold jewelry or some yellow flats for a casual outfit with a little class.

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Should your nail color match your outfit?

Neutral colors are the way to go in order to match every outfit. However, there is no right or wrong answer. If you want them to match, then do it. If you simply do not have the time to change your nail color to match, then don't worry about it. Nail color is an excellent way to supplement your outfit style, adding the best finishing touches to it.

What color nail polish goes with anything?

Beautiful hand of a young girl with beautiful manicure on a gray background

Nudes and light pinks are perfect for any ensemble. You could also choose to go with a french manicure or even just a clear coat of polish. French manicures are subtle yet classy, never going out of style.

What color jewelry goes with a blue dress?

A blonde woman with formal dress outfit color blue, What Color Nails With Blue Dress [8 Awesome Suggestions]

Simple silver and gold jewelry look fantastic with blues. You could also use chunky statement jewelry in different shades of blue or any other color that may match your shoes or purse. It is entirely up to you to decide how to accessorize your dress.

Simple Metallics

This simplistic jewelry pairs great with the summery blue dress. Understated jewelry is sometimes the best thing for an outfit.

Statement Jewelry

The statement jewelry contains hints of blue and other chunky designs in it. This type of jewelry can really help your dress stand out.

In Closing

Pastel nail manicure on a woman's hand holding flowers

There are many nail polish colors available. There is no one color that would look better with a blue dress than another. Do not be afraid to mix and match colors or even shades of blue to match the dress. If you are not totally sure which color goes best, stick with a neutral color such as nude or white. You could even opt to have a french manicure done or just put on a clear coat of nail polish. Either way, your nails will look amazing and so will you in your blue dress!

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