What Color Purse With Black Shoes?

We have all been there. Sitting on the floor of our closet staring at a pile of bags, wondering, "What color goes with black shoes?"As simple as this question is, there are so many colors and patterns for you to choose from. Black is supposed to match everything, but does it? Luckily we have done our research and have some great news for you.

When considering which exact style or color purse to match with your black shoes, there are few wrong answers. Black is the universal savior of outfits that we all have come to know and love. To simplify this pairing dilemma, we have compiled a list of purse colors that we recommend trying with your black shoes.

  • Bright / Neon colors 
  • Neutral colors such as tan or shades of nude
  • Animal prints and patterns 
  • Grays (literally any shade is perfect)
  • Pastels such as light pink or baby blue
  • White / Off-white

As you continue reading, we will be going into the many compatible purse pairings for your black shoes. Whether you are obsessed with neons or even want to show off your brand new baby blue bag, we have got you completely covered. There is no wrong color to match your black shoes, but some combinations will look better. Keep reading to see some of our favorite colors and styles to go along with the black shoes we all are obsessed with.

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Does your purse have to match your shoes?

The answer to this is yes and no. You do not have to completely match the purse you are wearing to your shoes, but you should keep them cohesive. A great example of this rule would be a light pastel purse with a neutral or nude pair of shoes. When thinking about colors and what goes with them, some may even refer to a color wheel to see what colors complement each other. The great thing about wearing black shoes is that it opens up the door to even more color combinations throughout your outfit.

Below we have included some great examples of purses both matching as well as not matching shoes.


Our first example shows a matching bag to shoes look.

Above is a great example of matching your purse to the black shoes you are wearing. This streetwear-inspired outfit looks comfortable and stylish while achieving cohesiveness. Black boots are really on-trend right now, and a black satchel or purse is an easy and stylish way to match your shoes.


This next look from Pinterest shows a little different purse pairing style.

This next style example is good for those who may not want to match their purse to their black shoes. The white purse adds that variation of color while also working alongside the black shoes. Black and white are great colors to pair together and always look amazing.

Animal Print

This final style example uses a fun animal print bag to go along with your black shoes.

This third example of what type of purse to correctly match with black shoes falls on the patterned side. Leopard or any animal print patterned bag is a fun and stylish way to accessorize your black shoes. Black works as a quiet color in your outfit and allows for louder details and accessories to be paired with it. You can have a lot of fun with black shoes, and a leopard print bag is a prime example.

Does your purse have to match your outfit?

Matching your purse to your outfit is much easier than it sounds. By simply matching your purse to one item in your outfit, you can achieve a well-executed final look. Sticking with a common color scheme or vibe can really make this process easier. If your outfit includes a pop of blue, try pairing it with a blue bag or purse. Finding that one similarity can save you time and hassle when it comes to creating the perfect outfit.

We have found some great bags for you to check out on Amazon while you brainstorm which color to pair with your outfit. Remember that matching colors may not be necessary to achieve a stylish final look.


This first bag we found falls into the black matching genre and is from ALDO.

This black crossbody purse is a great example of a trendy and complementary style to wear with black shoes. Black on black looks super high end and can be worn with a brighter outfit or accessories.

Follow this link to view this bag on Amazon.


The next bag on our list of what to pair with black shoes is this grey purse from Jeniulet.

This shade, and any shade of gray, will look stunning paired alongside your black shoes. Gray compliments black and allows for some variety in dimension throughout an outfit.

Follow this link to view this gray purse on Amazon. 


Another great color to try with some black shoes would be a brighter neon purse. We found this bag from The Trendeology Store on Amazon.

Deciding to go with a brighter neon bag can really add that burst of color to your outfit. Pairing this purse with a cocktail dress or even a tracksuit will have a trendy aesthetic to it. Neon is very much in right now and is a super fun option to try out with your black shoes.

Follow this link to view this bag on Amazon.


This final bag example would fall into our pastel suggestion and comes from the Dasein Store on Amazon.


This purse example is a hybrid of pastel and textured material and is really a show stopper. The lighter pink color will accentuate your black shoes while also fitting right in beside them.

Check this textured pink bag out on Amazon.


Our last product to show you is an example of a nude-colored bag. Check this one out from ROVOYCE on Amazon.

Having a nude or natural-toned bag is essential for any closet. A lighter and more compatible colored bag is sure to match black shoes and most colored outfits. Nude is not just a light shade and can range across the board to fit everyone's unique preference and style.

What color of purse goes with everything?

To circle back to our shoes, a black or dark purse is your best bet for universal matching. A white purse may also work well but may not be seasonally appropriate. Black is a year-round color and comes in more styles and patterns compared to other colors. Below we have found some inspiration for matching your purse to any ensemble.

Black and Patterns

Below we have a great summer look that gives a visual for a black purse pairing.

You can see how this model chose to wear a fun and more colorful outfit and then opted for a black purse to match. Animal prints and black go together extremely well and are very trendy.

Black and Blue

Our next model has chosen a black bag to go along with her blue inspired outfit. You can see how choosing a black bag can work very well with even many different colors.

Another great detail to note is this model's animal print skirt is paired with a textured black purse. Mixing colors but matching their textures or prints is a great way to style a cohesive final look.

White and Patterns

Our next example of universal purse colors would be a white or very light bag.

Deciding to go with a white bag to accessorize any outfit can also work very well. A white or very light-colored bag does have a spring/summer vibe to it, so make sure to consider that. Patterns and white plain bags are a great style idea for a casual on-the-go look.

Nudes with Pastels

For our last purse inspiration, we have found a great example of a lighter nude bag that may also be compatible.

Opting to wear a nude or cream-colored bag can also be a great cohesive accessory in your outfit. A lighter nude color has a classic and compatible feel to it and can be worn with many different colors. The model shown above gives a great example of pastel clothing paired with a nude or cream bag.

The Wrap Up

Matching your bag to your outfit can make or break a final look. It is always beneficial to have a couple of plain black items in your closet that will allow you to form complete looks. Black shoes go with just about everything, and the same could be said about black bags. No matter the season or the reason, owning a black bag and pair of shoes should be standard in any person's closet.

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