What Color Shoes Goes With Everything?

Have you ever wondered what color shoes go with every outfit you wear? Maybe you have your eye on these great pair of heels but aren't sure if they will coordinate with most of your outfits. We have researched what color shoes go with almost everything and have the answers for you!

Black is definitely a safe bet for dress shoes in the workplace or casual wear. Brown is also a good choice, depending on what color your outfit is. White, navy blue, and beige colors are also wonderful shoe colors to match any outfit. 

Please continue reading this article to find out what color shoes will match with almost anything in your closet. We'll also discuss which colors are most versatile, shoe trends, and if you're wondering about sneaker colors too we've got you covered from head to toe!

Women's navy blue high heeled shoes on display at a fashion store, What Color Shoes Goes With Everything?

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Black Shoes

A man tying his black leather shoes

Black shoes are a must-have in any wardrobe for men and women alike. If you work in an office, black flats, boots, or heels are a staple. They make your outfits look professional and put together. Black sneakers are also great for any casual outfit. Whether you are going to the gym or have a shopping trip planned, black is the color to match anything.

Women can wear black flats or heels with leggings, jeans, or summer dresses. Black is a versatile color for matching red, blue, green, nearly everything!

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A man may need black shoes to wear with his suits or a nice pair of black boots with dress pants, but fortunately these shoes can then be worn to casual outings or formal events. Men can wear black dress shoes or boots with jeans or khakis for a wedding or dinner date.

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Brown Shoes

A pair of stylish leather shoes on a white background

Brown should be in everyone's wardrobe as well. If you are wearing a brown suit, most likely, you want your shoes to match. Although black shoes also coordinate with brown attire, brown shoes will look more put together. Brown looks great with yellows, greens, and even denim.

A great pair of brown sandals for men or women are a summer must-have. Wear brown shoes during autunm to bring in the natural Earthy look. Some people prefer to match their shoes to their belts and handbags. If you have brown boots, match your brown belt with your outfit.

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Brown could work for a wedding or a more intimate affair as well. You can even dress up boots for the occasion, be it any season.

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Navy Blue

A blue pair of high heeled shoes

Navy blue matches virtually every color on the color pallet and pairs nicely with black or brown. Whether you are wearing a pair of blue sneakers or flip flops, they will match your outfit. Denim and blue are great together.

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A formal attire dinner may require you to dress up. Put on a gorgeous teal dress and pair it with navy heels and a clutch. This will make the color pop a little and add some spunk. If you are a man and looking for the perfect work shoes to go with a grey suit, go with navy blue!

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White Shoes

White womens sneakers on a white background

The color white gives you the feel of cleanliness and newness. Everyone needs a pair of all-white sneakers for a day out. They go with pretty much any casual outfit you may choose to wear. Anymore, it is uncommon for a man to wear white shoes unless they are sneakers.

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Nurses and other healthcare workers may also be required to wear white shoes. White will go with any uniform as well.

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White can be formal as well, particularly for women, from stilettos to strappy sandals to boots. It is a traditional wedding day shoe pairing for brides who choose to go all white instead of a different color shoe.

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A beige colored high heeled shoes

Beige shoes are also a great choice if you do not want brown, black, or navy. Beige is a neutral color in-between brown and white. Beige will look great with that navy suit or even a pair of black pants. It gives you a bit of a different look.

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Beige can be worn in any season and still look appropriate. Beige can be worn with pretty much any color; blue, green, red, yellow, or even pink! We have found a few pairs of beige shoes that are great for any outfit, below.

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What Is The Most Popular Sneaker Color?

Black or white are the most popular sneaker colors. Black is more formal yet can double as a street shoe. In comparison, white is clean and hip. Either color can last you through any of the seasons.

Is Grey Or Black More Versatile?

In our research, black is more formal compared to grey but could be too dark for some outfits. If you want to tone it down a little bit and look more casual, go with grey. Both colors can be worn versatilely with nearly any outfit. Just be aware of the type of event for formality's sake.

What Type Of Shoes Are Trending Now?

Sneakers or trainers will always be trending in both the men's and women's wardrobes. Everyone needs a great sneaker for everyday wear. Ankle boots are also very trendy for men and women alike right now.

What Shoes Do You Wear With Jeans?

For women, you can wear jeans with sneakers, heels, sandals, flats, or boots. There are really no types of shoes that do not look well with jeans. The same for men. You can wear sneakers, boots, or even dress shoes with jeans and still look great!

In Conclusion

The colors of shoes that work with everyday wear are usually black or brown. You may prefer navy blue, white, or beige as well. There are many options and even shades of these colors. You may choose a grey shoe instead of going for black. Either way, we think these colors listed are pretty versatile with almost any outfit or uniform.

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