What Color Shoes to Wear With a Yellow Dress

What Color Shoes to Wear With a Yellow Dress

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The perfect yellow dress shines at you from the store window. You walk inside, ask the clerk to try it on. It fits, and the price is even right. But then, you hesitate. You'll need shoes for this perfect yellow dress. What color shoes should you wear with a yellow dress?

We have the answer. Any of the following colors work great with a yellow dress.

  • Yellow
  • Brown
  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Nude

In this blog post, we've got great photo examples of these color shoes with a yellow dress and even some shopping suggestions for you as you browse along.

Yellow Shoes With A Yellow Dress

It may seem obvious, but that's okay. A ray of sunshine on your body means your feet deserve their ray of sunshine, too. Here, casual sneakers in lemon yellow bring a playful look to the twirly yellow dress. You can be feminine and practical in one fell swoop.

Happy woman in bright yellow skirt and yellow sneakers

You can't go wrong with Chuck Taylor's, and this slip-on version in a sunny lemon yellow is just the ticket.

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This swingy summer dress with spaghetti straps and airy design is a perfect casual look with sneakers.

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Brown Shoes With Yellow Dress

Brown shoes are a perfect complement to the yellow dress. Think golden hay growing in a rich earth field or the glow of a sunflower's seeds against its petals. It's a natural combination.

Here a cheery printed dress and cute straw hat are finished off with ankle-tie sandals with tassels in a subdued soft brown.

Young woman sitting on the rural road wearing yellow dress and brown sandals in bohemian style fashion

This cute suede gladiator sandal from Guess comes in the perfect shade of tan for your cheerful yellow dress. It's a low heel and has a padded footbed.

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A Panama hat with grosgrain ribbon trim is the perfect compliment for every summer look. This one has a wire in the brim for the ultimate in modeling the shape the way you want it.

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Chunky boots in dark brown are nothing but straight-up sass and attitude. Do you have what it takes to rock this look?


Beautiful asian woman wearing yellow dress and black boots

There's nothing quite like a perfect pair of Frye boots. This pair is available in this lighter tan color and also a dark brown like in the photo above. It's the Women's Veronica model from Frye.

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White Shoes With A Yellow Dress

Whether you're taking it casual like our first white shoe/yellow dress image or dressing it up a bit like our yellow dress with open-toed white sandals, you can't miss with this combination. It's fresh and bright and makes you happy. Think sunshine on snow or the white sands at the beach. This color combination is clean and beautiful.

Cheerful young girl with hair-buns jumping up in air wearing short yellow dress and white sneakers

You'll be jumping for joy too in this casual yellow A-line sundress if you match it with classic white tennis shoes.

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Happy woman with curly hair wearing yellow dress and white heels sitting on a chair and having a call

An airy yellow dress with an airy pair of ankle-strapped open toe dressy sandals is a sophisticated and breezy look.

This chunky patent shoe from Guess will get you started in the right direction. It's both edgy and feminine. It has an ankle strap, open toe, and a 5-inch chunky heel.

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Black Shoes With A Yellow Dress

Looking for a bold and striking combination? Don't discount the perfect pair of pumps with your yellow dress. This combination screams couture. Pop on a coordinating black belt or the most vicious pair of big black shades, and you'll have heads turning in no time as you walk down the street in yellow and black.

Beautiful young woman in formal yellow dress, black shoes and sunglasses

This Penny Loves Kenny number in black crushed velvet and stiletto heel will have all eyes on you. A padded footbed and effortless slip-on style are completed with a killer 4-inch heel.

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Finish off your look with this elegant pair of Kate Spade sunglasses in black Havana with grey polarized lenses. Hard case and cleaning cloth are included with the sunglasses.

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Red Shoes With A Yellow Dress

Vavavoom is the word when you pair delicious red with appealing yellow. Sexy statements are your thing, so why not grab the pair of red shoes you've had your eye on to go with the perfect yellow dress? Together they're fun, they're frisky, and they're fashion-forward.

A pop of lemon yellow dress and a pair of candy-apple patent stilettos are the perfect choices to show off that new lipstick you've wanted to try. Smiling beautiful woman in yellow mini dress and red high heels

This red patent peep-toe stiletto from Chinese Laundry is straight-up sex appeal. Paired with your yellow dress, you'll be unstoppable. Click here to see this on Amazon.


Pull out your pin-up girl style with these flirty polka-dotted vintage shoes! A peek of red toe-nail polish, and a strand of big chunky red beads finish off this look.

Happy woman dancing in yellow dress and red polka dot shoes

These red-polka dotted kitten heels are just the thing for that retro yellow and red pin-up girl look. From J. Adams, they have a comfortable footbed and a three-inch heel.

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This multi-strand faux red coral beaded necklace comes in a gift box and is one-hundred percent ready to be your fashion best friend.

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Silver Shoes With A Yellow Dress

Metallics genuinely go with everything, so why not give silver a try with your yellow dress. Here, a strappy summer sandal in silver pairs perfectly with a soft cotton yellow sundress. It's a delicate shimmer that reflects the lovely light of a yellow dress. African female fashion model smiling in yellow dress

These shimmery sandals by Santana are a perfect choice with your yellow summer dress. They have a one-inch heel and awesome rhinestone detailing.

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If you prefer something without the toe thong, consider these shimmery gladiator sandals from Lucky Brand.

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Nude Shoes With A Yellow Dress

For a look that's barely there, consider a nude shoe with your yellow dress. People will first notice your dress, and then they'll shout out your shoes. Nude is a popular shoe color and for a good reason. Pair it with yellow, and nothing can stop you.

Cute patent flats paired with this flirty dress show off your quirky side. Attractive woman in a yellow dress posing against gray background

These chunky patent oxfords come in a variety of colors, but we're focused on the nudes. Reminiscent of the school day shoes of old, these are a fresh look for your wardrobe and will be fun with a yellow dress.

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Old school glamor meets new school footwear with this dark yellow dress and nude bootie combination.

Beautiful fashion model in yellow dress and yellow coat

This nude ankle bootie in patent leather from Steve Madden is pure glam. The clear lucite heel adds an extra element of flair. The heel is approximately 3.5".

Hopefully, you've found the perfect shoe look for your new yellow dress. As you can see, the choices are plentiful. Whether you can fun and flirty, dead sexy, or a little quirky, your look is here. For more fun looks from Style Cheer, check out these posts below:

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